Penguins, Penguins, Penguins

Penguins have been a hot topic in school this year. We’ve had the year two children designing and painting our own penguin as part of the Popup Penguins events. He was named after the very famous explorer and navigator Frank Worsley, who was dux of the school in the late 1800’s.

We also have had a couple of new penguin books added to our library.

Golden Eyes

The Yellow-eyed Penguin/Hoiho

By Kelly Lynch

This book is full of wonderful photographs of the yellow-eyed penguins/hoiho. They live at the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand. The book focuses on two particular penguins, Golden Eyes and his mate Curio. Through a series of photos, we follow their everyday lives and activities. We also see the special moment when their baby penguin is born. It is lovely to see these beautiful birds up close and share their stories.

The year two children got to ask the author a few questions

Did you ever get bitten by a penguin?,

I have never been bitten by a Yellow-eyed penguin, thankfully.  They are shy and will avoid meeting people.

How many photos did you have to take to get the right ones?
It look a long time and I took oodles of photographs before I got the right ones.  Sometimes it was really windy, other times the penguins came back from the sea very late and the sun had just set, or they would waddle off in the opposite direction from where I was hiding. Other times I was very lucky and a penguin would stop and preen themselves just in the right stop.

Did you have to creep around silently when you took the photos so that you didn’t frighten them?

Yes I did creep around silently to get into a hiding place where I could get ready to see the penguins when they came in from the sea.  I had to make sure I was far enough away so they wouldn’t see me and I didn’t disturb them.

Did you like penguins when you were little?
When I was young I loved to watch birds in the garden, I still do! I didn’t know we had such interesting penguins in New Zealand until I was a bit older.

Thank you so much Kelly Lynch for sharing your thoughts with us.

A Little Blue

Written and Illustrated by Jeanette Goode

Simmy is sent to the West Coast to stay with his father while mum recovers from an illness. At first Simmy hates being where he is as it is so remote they don’t even have the internet. He writes regular letters to his mum begging to be allowed to come home. However, things start to change when Simmy discovers the little blue penguins. There are even some penguins living under a hole in his bedroom floor. The more he gets to know and understand about the little blue penguins, the happier he becomes. Watching out for big storms, going fishing and caring for the penguins, shows Simmy there is more to life even when you are out in very remote places. Sweet illustrations support the information this story book is sharing about penguins, and highlights the need for us all to care for these beautiful birds.

These books certainly tie in very nicely with our studies about penguins.


Two-day-old Tyson the lamb, enjoys reading.

Tyson is a little lamb who is only two days old. He needs to be bottle fed every few hours so he is at school for the day with his owner Helen, who is keeping him safe and healthy. He even has a special sheepskin cover to wear to keep him warm.

On a little jaunt outside Tyson enjoyed checking out a book with Henry. Tyson was very wobbly at first and fell over a few times. But like everything in life, when things get tough, you just need to get up and try again.

Spring is a wonderful time for new growth; flowers and baby animals. It was lovely to have Tyson visit us today. As it is Te wiki o te Reo Maori if you can come to the library and tell me the Maori word for sheep – you can collect a kari koura. (While stocks last).


Getting ready for Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2020

Big thank you to Hamish and Baxter for helping to set up our display for Te Wiki o te Reo Māori which runs all next week.

This is a wonderful chance for everyone to use te reo, not just next week but every week. Even if you don’t know much, just start with a simple greeting like Kia ora and Kei te pehea koe? See how far you can keep your conversation going.

Te Wiki o te reo Māori helps remind us just how wonderful this language is.

There are many books to learn the words for everyday things, and many bilingual picture books to read aloud. Pop in to our library and take a look at our collection. How many words or phrases do you know or think you will recognise in our books. Come and see for yourself.


Today we had a very special visitor at school.

Room 11 children were delighted with their very special guest today. A huge thank you to Eliza and her mum who brought in Token, a two week old Sussex lamb. Token is being bottle fed as he is a triplet and the mother sheep can’t feed him.

Token is very friendly and follows Eliza’s mum around everywhere because he thinks she is his mother. Children took turns hand-feeding Token. Lots of happy children and lots of questions too.

We have lots of books about sheep in our library so do come and check some out.

Token was so happy to be fed that he crawled along on his knees. Very cute to see.

Some of the books we have in our library.


Upstart Magazine : Read it here

Upstart Magazine have once again very generously shared a link to their latest issue now online.

Yes! You heard correctly. You can read the latest issue free and online by following the link.

This issue has articles on aliens, kiwis, even steampunk. Don’t know what that is? Well you soon will.

Lots of competitions to do as well. Click here and enjoy.


Year 6 Wearable Arts and so it begins

Wearable Arts is in the planning stages. Year Six students are working on their ideas and using dolls to work on costumes and then the practicalities of how they would work as costumes they could actually make and wear. Lots of thought and preparation goes into their designs including testing the best types of fabrics to use for safety reasons.

Lots of excitement in the Village today with bits and bobs spread everywhere and very creative children working on their projects.

The library has a display set up so that the rest of the school can see what is happening too.


Cook Island Language Week

This week marks the very special Cook Island Language Week. We are very fortunate for the help of one of our mums for putting together this lovely display in our library.

Lukasi is standing proudly in front of the display.

If you want to know more about this week and some of the events around town, then check out this link here.


Awesome author Juliette MacIver visits our junior classes

Wow! What a wonderful, funny, entertaining performance by author Juliette MacIver. We were so lucky to have her at school as part of our Book Week. A huge thanks to ReadNZ for making it possible.

Our junior school were totally engaged with the author’s stories, photos, and picture books. To watch her perform (in a rather squished up room) in front of about 160 children is just amazing. Her books are very funny and hugely popular everywhere.

My favourite book is That’s not a hippopotamus and to see her with her bag of animals and acting out the story is just delightful.

Bella getting her book Marmaduke Duck and the Marmalade Jam signed by author Juliette MacIver.
Fighting a snake!
Some of Juliette’s books. Which one is your favourite?

Lucky Bookclub open online now.

Lucky Book Club is open. Yes. That’s right. You can view the catalogue, make your choices and get the books delivered right to your door. This is a good opportunity to purchase books for reading while shops are still shut. Click on the link and then at the top you can browse the catalogue. If you are in the catalogue just click on any page and it will take you back to the order page. For those who already have an account, just log in as normal. If you are new, just create an account for your child and order. Happy reading.


Upstart Magazine

We subscribe to Upstart Magazine in our school library but just because we are not at school does not mean you have to miss out on your chance to read it. Upstart have very kindly given us permission to share this wonderful magazine online.

There is heaps to read and lots of competitions too. To enjoy this popular magazine just follow the link.


Listen to David Walliams stories

While the world may feel a little strange at the moment there are still lots of good things happening. One of them is listening to the very funny author David Walliams. I know most of you like his books because they are always out on issue from the library.

If you click here you will be taken to the David Walliams website where you can listen to him read his stories. He will be reading a new story every week day.

After you’ve had a listen you can click on some of his other links and do some of the fun activities.

The World's Worst Children 3

How lucky are we here at Fendalton School?

We are so lucky to have once again been given a grant for new library books by the very kind people at CERT.

A grant allows us to purchase new library books and therefore excite our students who love reading. A big thank you to the PTA for making this happen.

Some very excited readers.

Today’s mail brought this pile of new books which will be available soon.

Term One 2020

Welcome back everyone. I hope you’ve all had lots of fun in the summer sunshine. I also hope you managed to read a book or two over the holidays. With the extra hot weather we’ve been having, the air-conditioned library has been the perfect place to cool off in and relax. Lots of books have issued, lots of reading taking place and plenty of conversations going on.

When we sold off some old library books last year we used the money to buy LEGO and it has been a huge success.

Just a few photos to show you some of the fun.


The Guardians of Magic by Chris Riddell

Three children, three objects, three places that results in to a thrilling story of mysteries and magic. This story has made my imagination fly because of its characters creative thoughts. It’s the most mesmerising book I have ever read because it’s full of surprises. It has taken top place of my Chris Riddell list because it’s a different structure to his other books and I prefer this type of structure. As soon as I opened this book my eyes fell in love with it. You have to read this book.

        “ A magical story awaits your eyes”.

A book review by Hannah H (Year 4)


Springtime outside our school library

This is one of our favourite times of year when the cherry blossoms along our entrance path look spectacular. The weather is about to turn a bit nasty with wind and rain for the next few days, so just have to get in with a photo or two before the blossoms fall.


NZ Bookshop Day

If you are going to be buying something from Scorpio Books on Bookshop Day, please remember to mention our school name. Some fun activities to enjoy on the day.


NZ Chinese Language Week 2019

This week is New Zealand Chinese Language Week. If you click here, you can watch a message from our very own prime minister Jacinda Ardern as she wishes everyone the best for this special week

I hope you all enjoy this special week. Do check out our library display and see some of our wonderful Chinese and bilingual books. Picture books, chapter books and books about China too, all just waiting for you to read.

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