Night Bomber

Your pilot is hit and you have three engines on fire what would you do

 Night Bomber is about a flight engineer could   John smith. his plane crashes  
will him and his team die read it and find out

King Kong

This story is about an inhabited island with all of these Dinosaurs and mutated monsters.

King Kong is an big gorilla who falls in love with Ann.
King Kong is a massive monster his story involves battles with dinosaurs, daring rescues and terrific escapes.
King Kong dies in the end by getting shot by all of these machine gunners in planes.
he has at least 100 wounds and he plummets to his death from the huge empire state building.

ESOL Other Teacher Resources

***Don’t forget to check out the ESOL folder on First Class as this is regularly updated with newly made games and resources!***

Other ESOL related teacher resources include:
– Classroom instruction that works with English language learners
– Cross Cultural Communication – A resource for staff working with International Students (DVD and Video)
– English Grammar in Use
– English Grammar in Use and Supplementary Exercises
– Exploring Korea
– From Surviving to Thriving in the English Speaking classroom Level 1
– From Surviving to Thriving in the English Speaking classroom Book 3
– Literacy Now for Ages 7-8
– Philips Atlas of New Zealand and the world
– Practise Vocabulary and Grammar Book 3
– Practise Vocabulary and Grammar Book 5
– The code breakers guide to English (Phonics rules)
– Think Global: Global Perspectives in the lower primary classroom


ESOL Suggested Websites
– This website is designed with units of work, links to activities and advise for New Zealand Primary Classroom Teachers, ESOL Teachers and ESOL Students. i
– This is a website that will translate blocks of text and webpages.
– Downloadable stories in a range of languages can be found at this site. These books are in fourteen languages (they are not bilingual) and suitable for students aged from three to thirteen years old.
– This website includes on-line books for early readers (approximately yellow-orange on the colour wheel).
– This site has a number of stories in French and English suitable for a range of ages.
– Interesting things for ESOL students. This site includes word games, puzzles, quizzes, exercises, slang, proverbs and much more. It takes a bit longer to search and find appropriate activities but there are some useful things on the site.


ESOL Picture Packs for Guided Writing

These resources are most suitable for new English learners.
Each pack is barcoded.
They are for teacher issue only.

Favourite places 1
(Contains one picture card and one key word card)
– Library
– School
– The farm
– The shopping mall
– The swimming pool

Favourite places 2
(Contains one picture card and one key word card)
– The Beach
– The Dairy
– The Petshop
– The Playground
– The Zoo

Instructional Writing Packs
(Each pack contains a book, an instruction card and photos and caption cards to sequence)
– How to make a sand saucer
– How to make popcorn
– How to make jelly


ESOL Language Games

These resources are located in the ESOL resource room and can be borrowed through the ESOL teachers.

– Action Bingo
– Alphabet match wooden puzzle
– Alphabet sound cards
– Basic word snap
– Consonant Snap x2
– Contraction Bingo
– CVC Word Spin
– Farmyard first word pairs
– Guess What? cards
– Ladybug lower/uppercase game
– Lets go to the Zoo
– Let’s go shopping
– Lowercase letters for threading
– Making sense of Measurement puzzles
– More making stories is fun
– Number match wooden puzzle
– Opposites match wooden puzzle
– Press and play – Busy Road
– Press and play – Funny Farm
– Press and play – Make a Meal
– Press and play – Shipwreck
– Silly Sentences
– Smart chute cards – Alphabet
– Smart chute cards – Idioms
– Sound, Read and Snap!
– Spot the difference
– Still making stories is fun
– Storybook picture cards
– Talking Traffic
– Three letter word puzzles
– Time telling card game
– Vowel bingo
– Where’s Puppy? Listening word lotto
– Word detective games


ESOL Picture Dictionaries

These resources are individually barcoded.
They are for teacher issue only.

The Oxford Picture Dictionary
– English/Chinese
– English/Korean
– English/Japanese

Picture Dictionary for New Learners of English
– Picture Dictionary (8 copies)
– Picture Dictionary Teacher Notes and Activities

– EPB School Picture Dictionary Chinese/English
– The Oxford ABC Picture Dictionary (English)
– Times Visual Dictionary (English)


Book lists – Senior


  • Alex Rider series Anthony Horowitz
  • Maz Remy Superspy Deborah Abela
  • Cherub series Robert Muchamore
  • Zack Power H. I. Larry
  • Jack Stalwart E. S. Hunt


  • Harry Potter J K Rowling
  • The Hobbit J.R.R.Tolkien
  • Lord of the Rings J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Indian in the Cupboard L. R. Banks
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events Lemony Snicket
  • Chronicals of Narnia C.S. Lewis
  • Deltora Quest Emily Rodda
  • Rowan of Rin Emily Rodda
  • Redwall B. Jacques
  • Percy Jackson R. Riordan (Half Greek god – myths & legends)
  • Inkheart trilogy Cornelia Funke

Diary Stories

  • Dolphin Diaries Lucy Daniels
  • My Story series

Slapstick Humour

  • Just tricking /Just Annoying/ Just Disgusting/ Just Crazy Andy Griffith
  • Francis Bacon / A pig called Bacon Stephen Measley
  • Tongue tied Paul Jennings
  • Uncanny / Unbearable / Unreal (Many more)

Animal Lovers

  • Heartland Lauren Brooke ( Horses )
  • Animal Ark series Lucy Daniels
  • Saddle Club B. Bryant

Horrible histories

  • Horrible Histories Terry Dreary
  • Cruel Crime & Painful Punishment
  • Horrible Geography Anita Ganeri
  • Raging Rivers
  • Earth Shattering Earthquakes
  • Odious Oceans
  • Stormy Weather
  • Horrible Science Nick Arnold


  • Boy Overboard Morris Gleitzman
  • Once Morris Gleitzman
  • Milkweed Jerry Spinelli
  • Lord of the nutcracker men Iain Lawrence
  • War horse Michael Morpurgo
  • Parvana & Parvana’s journey D. Ellis (Afghanistan)
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