Andy Griffiths with some of his Fendalton Fans

It was lovely to see some of our Fendalton children queuing up to meet the famous Australian author Andy Griffiths when he was at The Original Children’s Bookshop on Saturday.
I was there too, working, but thoroughly enjoying the atmosphere. The queue was out the door and around the corner but no one seemed to mind. His books are so popular and even with multiple copies of his books they are always out and issued to eager readers. It was awesome to see that he loves his readers too as you can by the smile on his face. His one hour turned into two so we were very lucky. Andy told us that in Australia sometimes the queue is five hours long. That is incredible.
Check out Miya, Arnika and Abbie with their Andy Griffiths books. Check out his site if you want to know more about him and his writing. Andy shares some great tips about writing and getting his ideas. So if his words inspire you and you feel like writing a story of you own over the holidays I would love to see them when you have finished. Or if you are real keen you can use your google docs account and share them with me so I can read them over the holidays.

I hope you are all still having fun. See you next term.


Andy Griffiths

What a great turn out of Fendalton school students at the Andy Griffiths book signing. It was wonderful to see so many of you getting your books signed. His books really are very funny. His website is also very cool. A special thanks to Natalie for getting our school library books signed.

Natalie and Violette with Andy Griffiths


Justine and Andy G


Andy Griffiths

12 August 2009


What an afternoon! All our year five and six students went to the Town Hall to see Andy Griffiths

He was so funny and so entertaining. We laughed so much our sides hurt.
We loved how he told us about his writing and how to make stories doing the opposite of what people expect.  
One example was about a baby and a dinosaur falling in love. So funny we couldn’t stop laughing.

Andy Griffith coming soon

Yes that’s right – you heard it here first. The writer Andy Griffiths is coming to Christchurch in August. All senior school students are going to visit him at the Town Hall and hear all about his books and writing.

For a sneak preview check out his website.

To celebrate we have bought his latest book “Just Macbeth”.
If you like stories about witches and ghosts then this one might the one for you to read next.
His books are wickedly funny.
I can’t wait to go with all you students.