Winnie the Pooh

This week we have had fun reading some of the books on display which  celebrate the world of Winnie the Pooh.

Which is your favourite character? Come and tell me! I love Eeyore best but they are all wonderful, funny characters.

For heaps of fun Winnie the Pooh things to do, check out this site.


The enchanted forest


A huge, huge thank you to Paul Walker, the assistant caretaker, for making the brilliant tree now installed in the library

He has spent many week nights building this tree and it certainly has the wow factor. I also want to thank a friend, Liz, for making the wonderful toadstool.

We have placed all sorts of spiders and bugs for the children to seek out. Do pop in sometime and see this lovely display. It is wonderful watching the children coming into the library and just going “wow”. Well worth all the time and effort.




FIFA World Cup 2010

10 June 2010

Well World Cup fever has hit. Our English principal Mr Sibson is all prepared to sit up at 4 am in the morning to watch all the games. But you won’t miss out if you don’t get up in the middle of the night as you can keep up to date with the games by checking out the FIFA website.
One of our caretakers, Mr Walker has made a wonderful world cup to add to our display. Pop in to the library to look at all the books on football, many of them are new books.

Cultural festival

30 April 2010

This term our focus is on different cultures. 

We will be having a festival and food tasting among other exciting things.
How many different nationalities can you see in the photos on this display in the library?

Construction sites

19 March 2010

With all the talk and action in the school yard at the moment about our new library it was time to put up a display on construction sites. A huge big thank you to Paul our assistant caretaker for putting together such a great display. 
The children coming into the library just point and go “Wow”. 

Scare yourself silly

20 October 2009

Heaps of new books to scare yourself senseless. 

Zombies, ghosts, vampires and many more.
All these books are in time for the Halloween disco next Friday.  Do you have your costumes ready and your dancing shoes on?

For those of you who just want a scare check out the library display of new books.

Welcome back to term four

13 October 2009

Term four starts off with National Disaster Awareness Week.

We will be having an earthquake drill sometime this week to keep us focused on disasters and how we can be prepared.
The tragedy of Samoa is already in our thoughts as we think about disasters.
If you want to find out more about tsunamis go to Kids National Geographic. This is a very cool site with loads of information on all subjects. The library display also has books on tsunamis and other disasters.
There are places you can visit online to help you prepare for a disaster.
Get ready get thru is a great one and has heaps of ideas from Civil Defence.
Do you have a survival kit? Perhaps you can encourage your family to create one.

Get crafty these holidays

21 September 2009

Just in time for the school holidays – a pile of new craft books.
Try your hand at scrapbooking, making cards or origami.
Get creative making something new or decorating your own photos.
Have fun.

Display on Egypt

7 September 2009

Our latest display is on Egypt and many of the boys have loved peering into the lifestyle of the Egyptians, so many years ago.

It prompted some funny walking by three of our student librarians caught here on camera; Sam, Ben and Johnny.

Amazon jungle

The Amazon jungle would be an amazing place to visit. However I am not so sure I would want to meet any of the huge spiders that live among the trees. Our latest display is all about the Amazon and the Amazonian Indians. Watch out for the snake!


Transport display

A special thanks to Paul and his daughter, Sarah for putting together this display of new books.

As you can see the theme is all about transport – fast cars, bikes and big trucks. Speed along the track to a great non-fiction read.


Heroes is our school-wide  year-long theme.

 We will be covering everything from cartoon super-heroes like Spider-man, to famous New Zealanders, like Sir Edmund Hillary.