National Poetry Day

New Zealand National Poetry Day is coming up on the 27th August.

The whole month of August is a wonderful time to share poetry.

It is great to read poems or write poems anytime, but this month is particularly special as there are so many events all over New Zealand just celebrating poetry.

To help celebrate poetry here at FOS, we are asking you to create your own poem and bring it to the library to share on our display.

You might want to write free verse, rhyming, or even a haiku.

Come and look at some of library books to help with your ideas. Take a look outside your classroom and be inspired by nature.

Please bring all poems to the library by Thursday 26th August.

Have fun, and be creative.


Popcorn and poetry – our annual celebration of poetry

Today was New Zealand National Poetry Day but we celebrated yesterday,  a day early, as many senior children would miss out because of Friday sports.

The library was buzzing with excitement as students read out their favourite poems by other poets. Many read out their own creative poems. Children read on their own or in pairs.

Taking part in the National Day of Poetry grows in number every year.

For their efforts, students received a bookmark, a bag of popcorn and this year they had the chance to take home a culled book of their choice. Lots of book and poetry discussions could be heard throughout lunchtime and continued even when they were leaving. Music to my ears.

Don’t forget about the poetry competition for the Whitcoulls book vouchers. There are six $30 vouchers to be won. These have been very kindly donated by Elliot and Oliver W. Your poem needs to be about a book character or what books mean to you. Bring them in by Monday 27th for your chance to win. Winners will be announced in the next whole school assembly.


New Zealand Poetry Day with lots of fun and rhymes

What a fantastic day at school today. It was NZ Daffodil day so our students wore mufti with lots of yellow and green which perfectly matched the beautiful spring-like day we had. Their mufti day donations are going to the Cancer Society. Many children also made daffodil models from all sorts of recycled material.

AND as well as all this going on it was New Zealand Poetry day. We had our annual Popcorn and Poetry session in the library at lunch time. Not wanting to miss out on all the poetry, many children queued outside the library as they ate their lunch. Children read and shared their own poems, or poems they liked. It always amazes me how keen the children are and how supportive they are of each other’s creations. It is never easy standing up in front of others and for some of these children it was a bit scary but they all did an amazing job. Happy NZ Poetry day everyone.

Popcorn and bookmarks were shared as well.








A wonderful celebration of popcorn and poetry to mark NZ Poetry Day

Today at lunch time was a feast of popcorn and poetry to celebrate NZ Poetry Day.

Children packed in to the library to recite old favourite poems. Many read their own creative poems which was just delightful. So many talented children.

It was lovely also to see so many children standing up and reading poems out loud together. For every poem read out children received a handful of popcorn and a bookmark. It takes courage to stand up in front of other students and read out your poems so I thank you all for making this another Fendalton School day to sparkle and shine.

We have heaps of poetry books in the library if you want to read more and you can check out the very creative Poetry Box where a number of children from Fendalton have had poems published online.






Popcorn and poetry for National Poetry day

I can tell you that the school library was the place to be at lunch time today. We celebrated New Zealand National Poetry day with poems and popcorn.

Children shared poems they loved or poems they had written. Everyone went away happy with bookmarks after filling up on popcorn and delightful poems. It really was a great time and it was lovely to see so many of the younger children taking part.






Poetry in the library

Last week was poetry week. The extension writers had a chance to enjoy a workshop in the library with poet Paula Green. Watching the children coming up with new and creative ways to write poetry was wonderful. We have some very creative children here at Fendalton School.

Paula Green runs a wonderful blog where children can submit their own poems and read lots of other poems by children from all over New Zealand.

Check out her blog here at Poetrybox

We also enjoyed a visit from poet Greg O’Connell who performed a number of his poems for the children in the library at lunch on Friday.

He had the kids acting out as robots for one poem. For another, the children created the sound effects of witches and ghosts and other horrible creatures. They loved it! Hunter and Jonathan were the lucky winners of the drawings Greg drew surrounded by children giving him their ideas of what monsters looked like. A very noisy but wonderful lunchtime.