Welcome back

Hello everyone.
It is great to be back in school. We have lots of exciting things happening in the library this term. For the seniors we are incredibly lucky to have two amazing authors visiting us next week. We have H.I. Larry – the author the Zac Power books. We also have Meredith Badger the author of many of the Go Girl books. Can’t wait!

We are also participating in the Reading Crusade. That’s where you get to read six books of your choice to try and win prizes but also to receive a certificate signed by the Crusaders Rugby Team. And that’s just for starters.


Zac Power Poison Island

Zac Power is a secret agent who has 24 hours to save the world and clean his room. You can’t put this book down.

I like this book because all of his adventures and missions.
Read this book to find out more to about Zac power and all his missions
This is a great book and fun to read you must read ZAC POWER POISON ISLAND!

Joseph M