Six word book reviews

The year six Faultline Fiction Fanatics book club have been working on reviews for some of the books they have been reading.

The challenge is to write a review in just six words. It is a writing challenge of interest to many schools especially secondary school students.

It is hard and I love what they have done. Some have needed seven words but that is okay as it is a difficult challenge.

Do enjoy reading them. Maybe you could read the books too. They are here in the library.


Little Manfred

By Michael Morpurgo




Walk on the beach

 memories come back 

By Chloe H




By Andrew Mulligan



One wallet

lots of mysteries

By  Rosie B


Canterbury Quake :  My New Zealand Story 2010  -2011

By Desna Wallace  (yep! that’s me)


 Maddy cries

 houses shaking

heart pounding

 By Jack P


Let me whisper you my story

By Moya Simons



People around me

my lips are sealed                         

 By  Chloe H                                     


Living in silence

struggling to survive

By Stella P


The phantom tollbooth

By Norton Juster


 Nothing to do

 adventure to come

 By Callum H



My name is Mina

By David Almond



 One girl

 no friends

 no hope

 By Diane K


Meet Grace

Our Australian Girl series

By Sofie Laguna



A convict girl

given a second chance

 By Larissa W


Reviews from Room 10

Born to run
Born to run is an action packed novel written by Michael Morpurgo and illustrated by Michael foreman.
Born to run was first published in June 2008. It is also sold as Best mate in some countries

The story is about a dog who had many different extraordinary lives. First the dog was saved from being stuck in a bag in a river by a boy called Patrick. Patrick called the dog best mate and they were going to live happily ever after until on day Best mate and Patrick went for a walk to the park. Best mate ran down to the pond and………………………………………….
If you want to know what happens next get the book from your local library and read it yourself.

Born to run is a gripping novel that you will never want to put down. This book is suitable for children 8+.
I hope that you have learnt that Born to run is a book well worth reading!

By Olivia



The WORST Thing About My Sister!

The worst thing about my sister is she never sticks up for me… The worst thing about my sister is a very captivating novel written by Jacqueline Wilson and illustrated by Nick Sharratt.

It is about a girl called Martina who likes to be called Marty and she’s an absolute tom boy but on the other hand her older sister Melissa is such a prissy pink girlie girl. The book is based on Martina telling us her life . Martina calls her bedroom her very own Marty Den and has a super hero called Mighty Mart that she dreams about night after night and wishes she was him. However when her sister Melissa finds something’s gone missing from her bedroom they end up on the ground fighting with each other until…. somebody goes that little too far and there’s an injury.

The Worst Thing About My Sister is a gripping novel that you will not be able to put down once you have started reading it so I really recommend reading this book especially if you have a sister you will be attached to this book like glue.

By Maddison D



By Paul Jennings

Unreal is a book of different exciting stories written by Paul Jennings. The stories include Without a Shirt,
The Strap-Box Flyer, Lucky Lips, Cow Dung Custard, Lighthouse Blues, Smart Ice-Cream, and Wunderpants.

My favorite is Lighthouse Blues. It is about a boy who comes to an island to help an old lighthouse keeper. However, every Friday night, music plays, and the boy suspects it has something to do with the lighthouse keeper’s ancestors.

I thought this book was great and exciting. I think that you should look for it in your library.

by Ethan


Term four – short and sharp but full of fun and learning

I hope you all had a wonderful break and are now all excited to get started on the last term of the year.

The library looks lovely with the blossoms out in full.


Room 10 (year 6) have been working on some book reviews of their favourite books. These will be posted here over the coming days. Enjoy reading the reviews and of course come and get the book out if you like the sound of the books.


    Artemis Fowl

    Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer is in my opinion one of the best books in the world. Printed in 2001 and the first in the series it gives a fantastic     twist of magic and crime.

A teenage child prodigy from Ireland who has dedicated his brilliant mind to criminal activities. He meets a race of technologically advanced fairies. This is going to be interesting!

This is an amazing book, hilarious with some laugh out loud jokes. I highly recommend this book and if you enjoy this novel read some other Eoin Colfer books such as Airman and the Super-Naturalists.

By George M

For more info and fun check out the website all about Artemis Fowl


Cherub – The Killing

The Killing is the fourth book in the unique CHERUB series, written by Robert Muchamore. It was first published in 2005, by Hodder Children’s books.

The book centers on James Adams, where you follow him as his first day when his mum dies in the recruit, through the several gripping novels in the series.

James is sent  to figure out where Leon, a car sales man got a whole load of money. But, what James starts to unravel isn’t what he thinks. And the only person who might know the truth is a depressed 18 year old boy.

The problem is, the boy committed suicide thirteen months earlier.
Or was it murder??                                                        

want to know the answer?
find out in the book.

Please note : this is not available through our library as it is a book for more mature readers. Ella loves the series but has borrowed the book from the public library.



    The brilliant world of Tom Gates

    by Liz Pichon

    If you are looking for a nice easy funny novel then you should go and get the first Tom Gates.

   In Tom Gates it is based on him and his friend.  One time in the morning he was running late and  he couldn’t find his fleece. He  was looking all around his house. After he looked every he found it outside on the line but is was so wet so he either had to wear a wet fleece or put it in the dryer on full power.  He put it in the dryer and guess what his fleece SHRUNK.

So if you think that sounds good then you should go and get it.

By Georgia



Monster revenge

Monster revenge

by Dean Lorey

This is book two in the Nightmare Academy series

This was really cool and interesting. It had lots of different monsters.
Charlie, Violet and Theodore have to fight hydras to get the milk off the mother hydra to save
the guardian. Lots of adventure.
Jacob S aged 10
Dean Lorey has a great website if you like monsters.

I believe in unicorns

12 August 2010

I believe in unicorns
I really liked this book. It is so good how they were so determined to save the books. It was so good I’m reading it again and I only finished it yesterday.
Sophie W age 9

Book review

Clarice Bean spells trouble 

by Lauren Child.

I think this book is really funny but in a clever way. Based on what happens in people’s normal lives but with a bit of a twist. I recommend it for ages seven and up.
By Angela aged 10

Mr Gum and the Biscut Billionaire

There is this Gingerbread Man with electric muscles he is super rich now i mean rich.
And there is Mr Gum and Billy (Other guy that speacks werid) they want his money.
Polly(Little Girl) saves the day.And theres a fair that has hot dogs.

Great Book 9/10


Geronimo Stilton

Geronimo Stilton is a mouse in New Mouse city that works at the Rodents Gazette. He is very adventurous  and he travels to lots of places with his cousins Trap and Thea. trap is very rough Thea is very nice to Geronimo. Geronimo has traveled in Sumerian planes, boats, car, motorbike, scooter and  foot. he loves cheese but trap loves it more.  


Just tricking

                          Just tricking by Andy Griffths

Would you play dead just to get out of school? Would you wear a gorilla suit to your sisters birthday? If so this is the book for you. Just tricking is a fantastic book with plenty of tricky stories. P.S don’t  get any ideas. My favorite is ‘Beat the bomb’. Beat the bomb is about Andy and his friend Danny Who always play practical jokes such as writing rude complaints to the local KFC and sign them Malvin they play the biggest joke ever and then they find out a sad fact and grow great sympathy for him. Anyway just tricking is a stupid book ‘Just tricking’.

By Thomas


The Real Thing Book Review by Johny

Fizzer Boyd is a kid that can tell what type of fizzy drink it is, even if it not labelled! When Fizzer tastes Coca-Cola in a cup but it doesn’t taste like coke’ he knows something is wrong.Only three people in the entire world know the secret formula for COCA-COLA.So,when all three are kidnapped,the giant corporation is in deep trouble.But the kidnappers didn’t count on the extraordinary abilities of Fizzer Boyd and Tupai White(Fizzers Friend).
A brilliant book by Brian Falkner(


The BFG By Roald Dahl


The BFG stands for big friendly giant.

He’s the Most friendly giant you can meet.
The book introduces:
Sophie, the little girl.
The Blood Bottler, the evil giant who eats kids.
There are a lot more giants as well.
Finally the BFG, the main charater
I think its a great book for kids aged between 6 & 10



Star Wars the clone wars

Star Wars is about sith lords trying to take over the world.

The jedis fight back to take back what is theirs. When the jedis fight they are outnumbered so they create the clones to fight with them.
My favorite part is the fight against the genosions and droids.
The jedis and sith lords use specail weapons called light sabers.

That’s why it’s my favourite book.

BOYS RULE Golf Legends Book reviews

BOYS RULE Golf legends

Sam & Billy decide to play golf in their local park. They map out their course and get started,but along the way they come up against all sorts of obstacles …

Including Sam’s dad!

I like this book because it’s cool and this book shows good lot of Team players. 

Meet the BOYS RULE Boys:

Con & Josh Big daredevils

Nick & Matt fun boys  

Tom & Joey copycats

Sam & Billy Team players

I recommend you read more ‘BOYS RULE’ books , they are not long!!

I give it 5 stars *****

By Nader Ibrahim

Desprate Deserts

Desperate Deserts, you think its going to tell you about Deserts. That’s what you expect with every other book name, but I’m not here to talk to you about book name’s, I’m here to talk to you about Desperate Deserts the book. Desperate Deserts is written by Anita Ganeri. The book is a Horrible Geography and it’s really interesting to read, even adults would enjoy it but now it’s time to tell you about the book. First here’s a Quote “Geography. What on Earth is it about? some geography teachers drone on and on about far-flung places you’ve never heard of, using lots of posh words even they can’t spell.” Desperate Deserts, it Tell’s you about how to get a night with the natives , here’s a Quote “when they ask you if you want a cup of tea, say yes and slurp it up so they know your enjoying. It if they ask you if you want some more, say yes and do the same.” It also tells you how the farmers got water from the ground. The book tells you about a whole lot more interesting stuff but I’m not going to tell you right now, but if you want to find out yourself, just read the book.


Zac Power Poison Island

Zac Power is a secret agent who has 24 hours to save the world and clean his room. You can’t put this book down.

I like this book because all of his adventures and missions.
Read this book to find out more to about Zac power and all his missions
This is a great book and fun to read you must read ZAC POWER POISON ISLAND!

Joseph M


Alex Rider Point Blanc by Anthony Howitz

Point Blanc 

Point Blanc is a really good boys book because its got lots of action and because Anthony Howitz is a cool author. Alex Rider is a secret agent who works for MI6. In the end he nearly dies but if you want to find out more you will have to read the books. The next book is called Skeleton key and there are five other books in the series. Im hoping to get to read other books by Anthony Howitz.  

By Will M

Geronimo stilton

I think this is a really cool and funny book because he goes on lots of adventures with Ther and Benjamin. they also get in lots of danger they go on planes,boats,cars,trains and on feet.

He never goes on advenchers without his cosins.
Geronimo stilton is scared of everything like the dark,spiders and hieghts.I think you should read this hilerese book

 By Sam

Kiss Kiss Yuck Yuck – Book Review by Lucy R17

This story is about a boy that hates seeing his Aunty. She is called Aunty Elsie. All the time Andy tries to run away but Aunty Elsie is too quick and Andy is too slow and Aunty Elsie just puts her arms around Andy and kiss on the left cheek and kiss on the right cheek.

“Yuck yuck,” said Andy and they all came the same. Andy just squeezes his eyes and tries to get out but he can’t.

By Lucy

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