FUN sights

These include maths and reading games.


Typing skills

Fun way to teach basic typing / keyboard skills


Dewey Decimal is a ‘Classification System’. This is a special system which helps us locate books about different topics.

The great thing about the Dewey Decimal system is that you can go into any library in the world and still find items based on what area they come under!

Here is what each part of the Dewey system stands for:
000-009 General Works (encyclopedias etc)
100-199 Psychology & Philosophy
200-299 Religion & Mythology
300-399 Social Sciences
400-499 Languages
500-599 Natural Science & mathematics
600-699 Applied Science & Technology
700-799 Fine Arts & Recreation
800-899 Literature & Poetry
900-999 Geography & History

Order in the library : a fun game to help you learn about sorting and shelving library books

 Mrs Lodges library shelving game

Bob the Alien discovers the Dewey Decimal system


Online literacy games

The literacy shed   heaps of fun for creative writing

Roy the Zebra




Numeracy (Fee to join)

Multiplication cloud click game: This is great for learning the times tables – beat the clock or get hit by lightning. 



Other great sites

Online science games     Very cool site with heaps of links and games. All have been checked by the BBC so have merit.

Links to other sites relating to maths, science, literacy and technology. There’s also a range of quizzes to test kid’s knowledge and help them practice new skills.

Christchurch City Libraries: Kids’ Stuff
. The children’s section of the Christchurch City Libraries website contains short stories by, and interviews with, New Zealand authors. The site also includes an interactive fantasy section, lists of recommended books, Internet links arranged by topic, fact sheets on famous New Zealanders, and answers to frequently asked homework questions.

Fact Monster: People, sports, the world, fun facts, science, and more. Included are links to a Homework Centre, Word of the Day, Today in History, a dictionary, encyclopedia, almanac, and atlas.

Dictionaries This is a fun dictionary

Search Engines

Kidrex     very easy to use and is kidsafe. uses a tag cloud New Zealand site with pre-checked links and information