How lucky are we?

The Scholastic Lucky Book Club has been around a very long time. Each time you buy books from the brochures our school gets points.

With some points saved up we purchased these new books for our library. It was exciting opening up the box this morning and seeing these shiny new books.

The Captain Underpants series is much loved but our books are falling to bits, Tornado Cash website taped together, and really look very sad. These new books will replace the tatty ones.

The Wings of Fire is a hugely popular series but we’ve only been able to buy a couple so now with the points used we have the whole first set.

So a huge thank you to all of you who support the Lucky Book Club. Happy reading.

The books will be ready as soon as they are processed.


Picking new titles

4 May 2010

Scholastic standing orders arrived today. These are new books sent out to subscribing schools.  One of the best things about this job is buying new books.

Alex is helping  choose titles to keep for our library.
It is thanks to everyone at school who buys books in the Scholastic Lucky Book Club that we get enough points to purchase many of the titles for free.