Opening of the new library

Well the long wait is over and we have had our official opening.
It was a great day with the sun shining and a gentle breeze.
Miles Kau Kau blessed the new library.
Our kapahaka children performed wonderfully.
Then we were so lucky so have Diana Noonan talk about what libraries and books meant to her when she was a child.
Diana Noonan has written a number of children’s books including “The best loved bear”.

The children also handed over a cheque to Mr Sibson for $30,000. This was money for the new library which was raised by the brilliant PTA team. Without their help we would not have the lovely new furniture or shelving.
Thank you to everyone involved.


Library open

17 November 2010

Finally we are open. We will have an official opening soon with guests and heaps of new books.

We are also waiting for a few things to arrive but its open for business.
First to arrive were the eager readers keen to try out the new library.
Then came Room 8 who gave it a thumbs up.

Shelving arrives

4 November 2010

The new shelving has arrived and is going up today. Won’t be long now before we are moving the books in.

And the move continues

29 October 2010

Take a look at Kevin and Paul our caretakers lending a hand.

The School Journals have arrived and are being sorted by helpful parents.

Welcome back to Term 4

October 2010

This is the term we have been waiting for. Our new library is almost finished and we are preparing to move.

The resource room is now in boxes and the shelves have been dismantled ready to be put up in the new resource room.
Just think about all the brand new books available when we open the new library soon.

Donated books

17 June 2010

As we all know our new library is nearing completion. It still has a way to go but we are busy buying new books for the library. Take a look at the photo of some of the new books being donated by children and families from school. It is a great response so thank you to everyone who has very kindly supported us in this way. You can still donate books if you want. Check out the wish list in the school office. We have titles of new books we would like and titles of some of our favourites which are very old and much-loved but need replacing. It will be very exciting to see so many new books when we open our new library.

Waiwetu St Washers

Last Saturday Hailey, Hilary and Gabby washed about 15 cars to raise money to buy books for our brand new library. Aren’t they amazing. We, in Village 22, are very proud of their efforts and challenge other children to think of a way to raise money for even more books.


Back to school

20 April 2010

Welcome back to the second term. 

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and had plenty of time to read.

Our new library looks different every day. Take a look at what the builders did over the holidays.
We can see things beginning to take shape.

The crane arrives

Last week saw the crane arrive much to the delight of our 500 students who watched with eager anticipation.

It is great that the children can see the day to day progression of our new library. 
We will be on holiday for the next two weeks so it will be interesting to see how far the builders have progressed when we come back.

Construction sites

19 March 2010

With all the talk and action in the school yard at the moment about our new library it was time to put up a display on construction sites. A huge big thank you to Paul our assistant caretaker for putting together such a great display. 
The children coming into the library just point and go “Wow”. 

And we begin

19 March 2010

The workmen began this week. They brought the safety fences in and then the digger and now they are working on the foundations.
The children love watching the men work.

New library begins

17 March 2010

Watch this space. This is where it is all happening.
Before your eyes this space will be transformed into the new Fendalton school library.

Welcome back to a new school year

4 February 2010
It is wonderful to see our students excited and eager to be back at school.

This is going to be a great year for us here at Fendalton as we watch the progression of our new library.
They haven’t started building yet but they soon will and we will take lots of photos to keep you well informed.
Check out last year’s Room 11 students gardening outside the library just before Christmas.
The year will also see us purchase heaps of  wonderful new books for our library so keep watching this space.

Pre-loved books sale

9 November 2009

This Wednesday afternoon  2.30 3.30 and Thursday morning 9.30 – 10.30 we will be selling off heaps of pre-loved library books. All profits are going towards our new school library which will be built in 2010.
Come and get a bargain. There will also be raffles of brand new books so come and try your luck.
See you there.
Pictured are some of the boxes of books for sale.