Star Wars miniature characters – great book week idea

Jasmine has made these wonderful miniature Star Wars characters. They are so small and detailed. These would be great for the altered tins/diorama competition using a small tin or small box. Do you have ideas like this? Perhaps using a Lego character inside a small box with night sky paper behind. Be creative! Enjoy the holidays everyone and see you back here next term with some of your own creations.





Book week prize winners

Wow! So many competitions and so many entries. Below is a list of all the winners.

Prizes were given out in last week’s assembly.

Congratulations and well done to you all.

Board Games

1st   Jackson B    

2nd  Poppie-Belle


Dust covers

Ist equal  Jasmine G and Diane K


Name the book character

Ed C

Posters for books into movies

1st       Beau S

2nd      Robson F


Book trailers

Middle team

1st    Rhys and Dan      

2nd   Fynn, Frankie & Jayden       


1st    Aggie, Gemma Esther & Eva

2nd  Harrison U

3rd  Alex C


50 word stories

Middle team

1st  Evie S

2nd Stevie H

3rd Ed B


1st      Enzo G

2nd     Jackson C

3rd     Beau S


Alternative endings

1st   Ema C

2nd   Davina C

Guess the teacher


Emily O


Family (names drawn from the box of all those people who bought books during book week)

Ella F

Madeline S


Book week was fantastic

Last week was fantastic. Books everyone, books to read, books to buy, books to share and enjoy.

So many of you entered competitions that judging is going to be hard but we will let you know the winners at the next full assembly.

Thank you to everyone who entered competitions, who shared their stories and read to each other. Thank you to all the parents who bought books for your children or who bought books to donate to the library. It is very much appreciated. When these books have been processed they will be on display in the library. I will let you know when this is up.

Dress-up day seemed to be the favourite day for so many children. They looked wonderful in their outfits, dressed as pirates, princesses, and even ugly sisters.





Book week. What a wonderful week!

Parade day with Eve, Georgiana, Lily and  Gabby enjoying the competitions in the library.

Thank you to everyone for making book week such a success. Parade day was a real highlight with so many children running around in wonderful costumes.

The competitions are being assessed at the moment and results will be ready soon.

We sold over $7500 worth of books which is brilliant. The commission we earn will go towards setting up a senior fiction area and new library books.

We loved all the visitors to school who came and shared their stories. We had All Black and Crusader Andy Ellis reading stories and showing us his World Cup medal. Bob Docherty came and reviewed books for the seniors and Zac Harding from Christchurch City Libraries came to read to everyone else.

A great week with everyone sharing stories and reading,  so well done. Thank you from all the book team.

Bailey with storyteller Zac.



Book week


Next week is book week. Yahoo. Lots to read, competitions to enter, books to buy. A week full of fun.

Dress up parade is Thursday so start thinking about your favourite book character or your favourite champion.

We have redecorated our Enchanted Tree in the library. Many of the characters are reading  books. Pop in a have a look.


Welcome to a very busy term 3

I hope you all had a lovely holiday and are keen to get back in to school. This is going to be a very busy term. We had the Olympic Games, and Arts fortnight, Wearable arts, and Maths Week.

But the best will Book Week in week 5. Lots of competitions and prizes to win. Heaps of new books to buy and lots of special visitors.

One of the competitions will be to make your own book trailer based on one of your favourite books.

Check out these two below.

“The worst thing about my sister”  by Jacqueline Wilson (a great year 5-6 read)

Or you could try this form of book trailer.

Ivy and Bean : Doomed to dance

By Annie Barrows. Super read for the year 3 and 4 girls.



Perhaps you and your friends could act out your own trailer. You will need to get started soon if you want to impress the judges.



Kyle Mewburn

23 August 2010

Wow! We loved him. He was so funny and so entertaining.

He told us stories and read some of his books.
We have lots of his books in the library and if you want to know more you can go to his website.
This is Kyle signing his winning book Old Hu-hu for Carmel.
Book week competition winners will be announced at assembly on Friday so if you entered any listen out for your name.

Bob Docherty

We were lucky to have Bob Docherty visit us as part of book week. He was brilliant. Bob enthralled us with his reviews. There were queues next day to get out the books he spoke about.
Most common words today are – “Have you got that book Bob talked about, you know the one about….”
Wonderful. Thanks Bob
You can read some of Bob’s other book reviews on his blog.

Book week

18 August 2010

Yes. It’s finally here and the place is buzzing.

We have heaps of competitions; guess the teacher reading the book, book trailers, design a camp, 50 word txt stories, and heaps more.
The book sale is going well and lunch time crowds are crazy. Thanks to everyone who has bought books. This is our library fundraiser and it all goes to new books for our new library.

Kiss Kiss Yuck Yuck – Book Review by Lucy R17

This story is about a boy that hates seeing his Aunty. She is called Aunty Elsie. All the time Andy tries to run away but Aunty Elsie is too quick and Andy is too slow and Aunty Elsie just puts her arms around Andy and kiss on the left cheek and kiss on the right cheek.

“Yuck yuck,” said Andy and they all came the same. Andy just squeezes his eyes and tries to get out but he can’t.

By Lucy


Tom and Jerry

The story “Tom and Jerry” is based on a mouse and a cat and a very funny story. Jerry (the mouse) is running away from Tom (the cat) and pulling pranks on Tom. Tom tries to chase Jerry. I like it because it is so funny and so childish.
Rating *****

By Henry

Pony Pals

I like this book because they have lots of adventures. The characters are… Lulu Pam Anna Acorn Lightning Snow White Dr. Crandal. These girls have ponies. Dr. Crandal is a vet. In the book I’m reading of this, they’re trying to save a cat.

By Ruby

Magic Kitten

It’s about a kitten that is magic. It can turn into a lion. It was Christmas when it all happened. He was the prince kitten. His uncle was trying to steal his royalty. His name was Flame.

By Stephanie
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