New websites on books

7 September 2009

Bookseer is great. It’s for kids and parents and anyone who reads. The front page asks you to type in what you’ve read lately that you like and within a click of a button books lists are revealed on similar books. You can click on the books and sometimes it will provide a review but sometimes it will take you to a site where you can purchase the books.
Ignore it – just go for the lists and you never know we may just have some of them in our library.
I already have heaps of ideas of what to read next just by putting in my favourite books.

Reading aloud

Mem Fox is a brilliant author and educator. 

 Her website is full of tips and ideas on reading. 
One of her most popular passions is on reading aloud and she provides 10 tips on how to make the most of this time with your child.
Some of her best books are:
Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge
Koala Lou
The magic hat
Wombat devine

Parents and kids reading

Thanks to National Library for this wonderful site parents and kids reading with heaps of links to other sites on reading.

The idea is to keep reading to your children no matter what age they are. Take turns reading to each other. Have fun with reading. 
Don’t forget that on the parent’s page of this blog is a list of books on reading that you can borrow. 
I am always available to help with the selection of books for your child. Whichever library you visit do make use of the librarians as they are there to help and encourage your child to read. All it takes is the right book for the right child.

Bean bags

Thank you so much to FOSCAR for donating the wonderful new blue bean bags for our library.

The are so popular and just the best place to flop back and read. As you can see everyone just loves them.