Author Andy Griffiths coming to Christchurch these holidays



Very exciting news that author Andy Griffiths will be in Christchurch in the school holidays.

His famous and very funny Tree-house books are so popular that even with multiple copies they are always out of the library on loan.

Who:     Andy Griffiths

Where: Original Children’s Bookshop

             Shop 5

             Blenheim Square

             227 Blenheim Road.

When:  Saturday, October 3, 2-3pm.

He is very busy and we are so lucky he is coming to the Children’s Bookshop shop but he will only be able to sign books and not put personal names in them. He will also only be able to sign two books per person. It has been quite a few years since he was in Christchurch so do try and get to see him when he is here.

I will be there too so do come and say hi!  In the mean time enjoy a little trailer and listen to Andy discuss his 26-Story Treehouse book. Or you can find out more about Andy on his website.


Dav Pilkey author & illustrator of Captain Underpants wows the crowd



Wow! What a day. Our school played host to a community event where we were entertained and delighted by the wonderfully talented Dav Pilkey, author and illustrator of so many children’s books. He is of course most famous for his Captain Underpants series.

His presentation was so funny and so well presented that everyone was in awe. From a young child who battled with ADHD and dyslexia he has used his difficulties to his advantage and now sells books in the millions.

Our wonderful Kapa Haka team performed a very touching welcome to Dav and his wife and the team from Scholastic. Many of the students had just come from playing Saturday sports. I know we all felt so proud of them all.

Dav Pilkey talked for about an hour, drawing, giving away books, posters and book vouchers. People were happy to wait patiently afterwards, for up to an hour and a half, for a chance to have a photo with Dav and get their books signed. I waited until the end and got my book signed too – yay!  I even managed to get him to pop in to our school library and have his picture taken next to our library tree.

Scholastic very kindly donated a pile of his books to our library and Dav signed each of them. We are so lucky. Thank you Scholastic! Look out too for a chance to bid on one of his signed posters. Dav very generously donated two signed posters which will be auctioned off later this year with funds going towards building a new swimming pool as ours was damaged beyond repair in the earthquakes.

There may be more photos to come but here are just a few to remember our wonderful Saturday with Dav Pilkey.

I do want to  publicly thank so many people who gave up part of their Saturday to help make this event happen. From the PTA who moved in ever so quickly to set up the seating, to the many teachers and staff who came in on their day off and collected tickets, moved things around, took care of the sound system and just did whatever needed to be done. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you to Paul W our caretaker for helping with security and heavy lifting and waited until the end to lock up. Without everyone’s help this event would not have been as successful as it was.  And it was – a huge success. So many children talking happily talking about books is just music to the ears.










Captain Underpants author Dav Pilkey coming to our school soon

We are so excited to be hosting a free event for Dav Pilkey, the author of the very popular Captain Underpants books. We have multiple copies of his books but they are never on the library shelves as they are always out being read by children. He will be at our school on Saturday 23rd May at 12pm. Check the school newsletter for more information or come and see me in the library.

This is a ticketed event and there will be no entry without a ticket. Tickets can be picked up from Desna in the school library but they will only be given out to adults. You can also obtain tickets from The Children’s Bookshop on Blenheim Road.

This event will be advertised in papers next week and we expect a rush so do get in quickly or you might miss out.

If you want to read more about Dav Pilkey and his books click here.

Enjoy watching the trailers about some of his books.


Fendalton School’s favourite author David Walliams is coming to Christchurch

David Walliams books are always at the top of the list of favourites. They are always being borrowed and rarely make it to the shelves because they are so popular. As part of the Autumn Christchurch Word festival and in association with the Auckland Writers Festival David is coming to Christchurch. Tickets are available here but I think you will need to be quick.

This really is a once in a life-time opportunity for fans to see him.

And just as a reminder of  his work check out the trailer for Gangsta Granny below.


Welcome to our new-look library blog

After a wonderful summer holiday filled with heaps of sunshine we are now right back in the swing of things with a fresh and newly designed library blog. Thank you, Mr Sibson for all the time spent making it look so smart. Under the tabs you will find links to all sorts of items. Links for homework help, links to help with literacy and maths and even typing. There are links for some of the topics being worked on in class. There are even links to online reading, some of which are great for our ESOL students. Do take time to play around and let me know if you have links that you think we should share.
Just to get you started, take a look at a new series which has just arrived at school this week.

Dragon Knight : Fire
By Kyle Mewburn
Illustrated by Donovan Bixley

Scholastic NZ

For children who love the Dinosaur Rescue books, this new series is also one you will love and want to dive in to with great speed. I know the Dinosaur Rescue series is never on the library shelves as the books are always out being read, enjoyed, and laughed over. This new series set, in medieval times is about a boy who is half dragon and half knight. I am pretty sure you will find a heap of gross and snotty bits too which will have you laughing out loud. The humour, the adventure and the wonderfully funny illustrations by Donovan Bixley all add to reasons you will love this series. Another hit in the making!

Sometimes being half boy, half dragon gets really messy!


WORD Christchurch Writers and Readers Festival – review

Writers and Readers Festival Review

By Jack P

On Thursday last week a selection of Year 6’s  were lucky enough to visit the Read Aloud School Programme as part of the WORD Christchurch Writers and Readers Festival.

We heard three amazing authors speak. Jackie French, Melinda Szymanik and Donovan Bixley. They all have famous books such as Hitlers Daughter, A Winters’ Day In 1939 and Monkey Boy.

Jackie talked about how she loved books so much – and how you should love what you are reading too, or she recommends you put the book down and get another one!

Melinda talked about what helps her write: her imagination, mixed with curiosity and her experiences! She read a very moving section from her war book set in 1939, that is the retold story of her father’s life.

Donovan showed a slide show of some of his amazing illustrations, and read a very amusing piece from Monkey Boy, about when you need to go to the toilet on a big early-settlers-type boat!

I loved hearing how these authors decided to write their books, what was involved and to hear them read, brings the book alive in front of your eyes!

I also went to another WORD event on Saturday, which featured our own Desna Wallace reading from Canterbury Quake. She read a very emotional part of Maddie’s journey. Melinda read to the packed room too, a different part of her book and we were also treated to a reading  from James Norcliffe, with Felix and the Red Rats, the book I am reading at the moment!

Well done Desna you are such a dedicated author and lover of books!
Aren’t we lucky in Christchurch to be on the cutting edge of what’s happening with these special authors and to explore their new works? I love good stories and finding out about and enjoying new ones read by their authors is such an inspiring and exciting event!

Thank you for such a wonderful review Jack, and I am so glad you enjoyed the festival. I also loved listening to Jackie French as she had so many ideas about reading which were very inspiring. I loved the festival and attended 9 of the sessions. My brain is very tired after so many events but full of ideas as well as a pile of books I now want to read (Expensive weekend!)
Here is a photo of author Melinda Szymanik and I with our books after our event – the Exciting Tales and All Right? Book Launch. Don’t forget we have books by the authors Jack has reviewed in our library so come and see me.
I loved meeting so many authors, like Melinda here,  and will treasure the weekend always. Roll on the 2016 festival.



Nanny Piggins author R A Spratt in Christchurch

What a fantastic weekend I had at the Storylines  Festival. There were just so many children’s book authors and illustrators talking and sharing their ideas about writing.

For the many of you who read the Nanny Piggins series you will be so pleased to know  that I met the wonderful and very funny author Rachel Spratt.  Rachel very kindly gave us a signed  poster for school.

She wrote “To Fendalton School, study hard and eat lots of cake”.  I agree entirely with what she said!

Rachel loves to create villains based on old teachers and librarians from her past. Hmmmm!  Perhaps that might give you ideas for your own writing. Teachers you may want to hide!




Margaret Mahy Award winner

It was lovely to see local children’s book writer Bill Nagelkerke being awarded the very prestigious Margaret Mahy Award last week.

While I didn’t get to Auckland and witness the presentation myself, a librarian friend, Zac from Zackids at Christchurch City Libraries did and took this great photo. Thanks, Zac!

We have plenty of Bill Nagelkerke’s books here at school.

My favourite is  Old Bones.  It is a very cool ghost story set in Christchurch. Sadly, much of what is written about in the book has changed because of the earthquakes but that just makes the book even more interesting.  Come in and see me if you want to read any of these books.





Term four – short and sharp but full of fun and learning

I hope you all had a wonderful break and are now all excited to get started on the last term of the year.

The library looks lovely with the blossoms out in full.


Room 10 (year 6) have been working on some book reviews of their favourite books. These will be posted here over the coming days. Enjoy reading the reviews and of course come and get the book out if you like the sound of the books.


    Artemis Fowl

    Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer is in my opinion one of the best books in the world. Printed in 2001 and the first in the series it gives a fantastic     twist of magic and crime.

A teenage child prodigy from Ireland who has dedicated his brilliant mind to criminal activities. He meets a race of technologically advanced fairies. This is going to be interesting!

This is an amazing book, hilarious with some laugh out loud jokes. I highly recommend this book and if you enjoy this novel read some other Eoin Colfer books such as Airman and the Super-Naturalists.

By George M

For more info and fun check out the website all about Artemis Fowl


Cherub – The Killing

The Killing is the fourth book in the unique CHERUB series, written by Robert Muchamore. It was first published in 2005, by Hodder Children’s books.

The book centers on James Adams, where you follow him as his first day when his mum dies in the recruit, through the several gripping novels in the series.

James is sent  to figure out where Leon, a car sales man got a whole load of money. But, what James starts to unravel isn’t what he thinks. And the only person who might know the truth is a depressed 18 year old boy.

The problem is, the boy committed suicide thirteen months earlier.
Or was it murder??                                                        

want to know the answer?
find out in the book.

Please note : this is not available through our library as it is a book for more mature readers. Ella loves the series but has borrowed the book from the public library.



    The brilliant world of Tom Gates

    by Liz Pichon

    If you are looking for a nice easy funny novel then you should go and get the first Tom Gates.

   In Tom Gates it is based on him and his friend.  One time in the morning he was running late and  he couldn’t find his fleece. He  was looking all around his house. After he looked every he found it outside on the line but is was so wet so he either had to wear a wet fleece or put it in the dryer on full power.  He put it in the dryer and guess what his fleece SHRUNK.

So if you think that sounds good then you should go and get it.

By Georgia



Farewell Margaret Mahy. A true treasure

What a sad day yesterday to learn of Margaret Mahy’s passing. As a writer she was brilliant and so inspirational. Her loss will be felt world wide but especially here in Christchurch, where she was just so eager and willing to visit schools and attend literary events for children.

I count myself so lucky to have been involved in  many of those events and been given the chance to listen to her talk. To hear her recite word perfect the whole book Bubble Trouble was totally mind blowing. The book is one big tongue twister. Amazing. A true inspiration.

Thank you, Margaret. Your legacy will continue through all the children who will carry on reading your books and find themselves enchanted with stories. 

Take the time to watch these clips of some of her well known children’s picture books.

The great white man-eating shark


The three legged cat




Christopher Paolini and a special fan

Check out Ben Y’s great post for the blog today.

Today I went to Armageddon to meet Christopher Paolini, author of Eragon (and the other Inheritance Cycle books).  He was really cool and I had a good time.  I found out some interesting things.
He is going to write two more books about Alagaesia.  Yahooo!
In his first draft Eragon was called Kevin!!
He works out his stories by asking himself questions which bring up more questions and then he answers them which makes up the book.
The character Angela is exactly like his sister (who is really called Angela) and she invented ‘were-cats’  for him.
He likes lightsabers and x-box and can do cartwheels!
Eragon is called Eragon because it is Dragon with the first letter changed and the book is set in an Era that is Gone.
Christopher Paolini signed my book and my dragon rider’s sword.
From Ben Y

Thanks for this post Ben – awesome outfit and I love your big smile.

    And thanks to my mate Zac at Christchurch City Libraries   kidsblog  for this photo of the author Christopher Paolini. Ps. Thanks Zac for getting my book signed. Check out Zac’s blog as there are plenty of competitions for the holidays. There is even a chance to win Skulduggery books and maybe interview the author when he comes to Christchurch. If you enjoy the Eragon series then I am sure you will also enjoy the Skulduggery books so do pop on over to the kidsblog.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays.


Richard Newsome

Two of the Faultine Fiction Fanatics, Anna and Hilary were at the Children’s bookshop on Friday to meet and have their books signed by the author Richard Newsome.

He has just had the third book in the Billionaire’s trilogy, published. Here’s a reminder of the book trailer from the first book in the series.


David Hill

We were so lucky to have New Zealand writer David Hill visit our school on Monday 22 August. He spent the day with the senior classes doing a talk first to all year five and six students. This was followed by a writers’ workshop for 24 lucky students . Everyone came away inspired and wanting to write.

He was very impressed with the Kapa Haka welcome from our students.

His books are available in the library if you want more inspiration and a great story to read.


Chris Morphew

Writer Chris Morphew was part of the line-up at the recent Storylines Festival.

He spoke about the books he writes for the Zac Power line and how he got writing.

He then talked about his series The Phoenix Files.

Jordan from school was lucky to have his photo taken with Chris.



Percy Jackson hits NZ

12 February 2010

The much anticipated movie Percy Jackson and the lightening thief  is finally here.
The books are brilliant and if you loved Harry Potter you will definitely love Percy Jackson.  The books are full of suspense and intrigue, mythical creatures and demigods, like himself. These are the books you just can’t put down.
Check out the movie trailer.
We have all the books here in the library. There is always a high demand so get in quick.
The author, Rick Riordan also has a great website where you can find out about his latest books.

Duncan Ball

6 December 2009

Yesterday I was delighted to meet the Australian children’s author Duncan Ball. It was a chance meeting and we spoke for awhile on his new book of poetry “My sister has a big black beard”. We don’t have it here in the library yet but watch this space. In the mean time you can view his website to find out lots of information about Duncan Ball and the different books he has written.

Check out some of his Emily Eyefinger (published by Harpercollins)or Selby books from our library. Emily has a magical finger and Selby is a talking dog. Great books if you want to have a laugh.


Andy Griffiths

12 August 2009


What an afternoon! All our year five and six students went to the Town Hall to see Andy Griffiths

He was so funny and so entertaining. We laughed so much our sides hurt.
We loved how he told us about his writing and how to make stories doing the opposite of what people expect.  
One example was about a baby and a dinosaur falling in love. So funny we couldn’t stop laughing.

Andy Griffith coming soon

Yes that’s right – you heard it here first. The writer Andy Griffiths is coming to Christchurch in August. All senior school students are going to visit him at the Town Hall and hear all about his books and writing.

For a sneak preview check out his website.

To celebrate we have bought his latest book “Just Macbeth”.
If you like stories about witches and ghosts then this one might the one for you to read next.
His books are wickedly funny.
I can’t wait to go with all you students.
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