Listen to David Walliams stories

While the world may feel a little strange at the moment there are still lots of good things happening. One of them is listening to the very funny author David Walliams. I know most of you like his books because they are always out on issue from the library.

If you click here you will be taken to the David Walliams website where you can listen to him read his stories. He will be reading a new story every week day.

After you’ve had a listen you can click on some of his other links and do some of the fun activities.

The World's Worst Children 3

David Walliams in Christchurch – a fun night for many.

It was lovely to see lots of FOS children at the David Walliams event run by Word Christchurch on Sunday night. David was  funny, witty and just a fantastic entertainer. He read from his stories and asked questions and had the audience laughing throughout the whole evening.

Some of our children from school getting right into the mood. And just for the record we do of course have multiple copies of all his books as they are always being issued out and reserved and in very high demand.

For those that missed out on this wonderful night you can still have fun checking out his books and activities on his website right here.



The two Kate’s




Jacob getting his prize after asking a question.



Fantastic way to start the day with a new David Walliams book

Happy birthday Eddie. How exciting to get the latest David Walliams book for your birthday.

You are obviously a huge fan judging by the huge grin on your face this morning. What a very cool way to start the day. 

You can have more fun checking out David Walliams website right here.   We do of course have all of his books in the school library for students to borrow.


This is the book Eddie is so excited about.




Awesome night in Christchurch with the very funny writer, actor and comedian David Walliams



Last night I was one of 700 lucky people to witness David Walliams in action. He was here as a guest for the Word Christchurch  Writers and Readers Festival.

He was incredibly funny and entertaining. Very spontaneous and knew just how to make the crowd laugh. He was interviewed by the award winning writer Rachel King who kept the show flowing with ease.

He read from his books as well with heaps of expression.

He talked about his writing and how many of his characters come from people he actually knows. He even talked about his sister would dress him up in girls clothes when he was very little and parade him around the house. That inspired his book The boy in the dress which we have in the library, of course. Even his famous corner shop owner Raj is based on someone real. If you want to know more do check out his website.

Not the best photo sorry, but it was very difficult to get a clear shot. I waited in line for an hour to get a book signed. We were lucky to get two books signed for school.



There are a few signed copies of Awful Auntie and Demon Dentist available to buy from The Children’s Bookshop if you wanted to get your own copy.


Fendalton School’s favourite author David Walliams is coming to Christchurch

David Walliams books are always at the top of the list of favourites. They are always being borrowed and rarely make it to the shelves because they are so popular. As part of the Autumn Christchurch Word festival and in association with the Auckland Writers Festival David is coming to Christchurch. Tickets are available here but I think you will need to be quick.

This really is a once in a life-time opportunity for fans to see him.

And just as a reminder of  his work check out the trailer for Gangsta Granny below.