Dandelion clocks by Rebecca Westcott . Book review

Dandelion Clocks

By Rebecca Westcott

Book review by Heidi and Zion


Dandelion clocks is the best book we have ever read because it is very emotional and has a very good story.

I just had to read it again and again. (Zion)

You have to read it again because it is such an amazing book. (Heidi)

It is all about Olivia and her mum and their relationship and what happens when her mum gets really sick.

We both cried but recommend it to 10 year old’s and up because it is sad and funny too.


Little Manfred book review


Little Manfred by Michael Morpurgo
Little Manfred is a very enjoyable story about the war and friendships. It makes you think about life at this time.  
My favourite sentence was “that little dog, I think he’s smiling at me” as it is a nice way of describing the wooden toy from childhood. My favourite part was when little Manfred was placed in a glass cabinet for the public to see.  
I recommend this book for 8-14 year old’s who like touching stories about the war.
5/5 stars
Jack P

Thanks for your review Jack and I am glad you enjoyed the book. I agree it deserves 5 out of 5 stars.

You might enjoy this clip of Michael Morpurgo as he explains a little about his book and reads from the beginning of  Little Manfred.


Football Academy by Tom Palmer : great new sports series for the boys.


Football Academy is a new sporty series with heaps of action and heaps of sports written by author Tom Palmer.
Will, Sam, Sushanta and Finnian are holding on to the books they picked out to read from the new display.

Sam has already devoured his first book and is on to his second in the series.

Check out his review.

  9780141324685Striking out

By Tom Palmer

Football Academy is a fun and exciting book because it is about a boy called Yunnis whose dad does not come to watch him play football.

Yunnis is good at football. His dad wants Yunnis to stop playing because of his education. In the end the team think of an idea to keep Yunnis in the team. Read on and find out about this amazing book.

By Sam M



The one and only Ivan

The one and only Ivan

By Katherine Applegate

This book is just the best. I love it.

Ivan is a Silverback gorilla, forced to live at the Exit 8 Big Top Mall and Video Arcade. He remembers little of his past but loves art and painting or drawing on paper.  Important too, are his faithful friends; Stella, an elephant, Bob a stray dog who loves sleeping on Ivan’s big warm stomach and Julia a young girl who also loves art.  The language in this book is beautiful. It is simple,  clear and concise. Gorillas don’t need too many words. Ivan thinks humans talk too much. “Humans waste words. They toss them like banana peels and leave them to rot.”  Ivan narrates the story and it is not long before we are totally captivated by his beliefs, his strengths and his love. When Ruby, a baby elephant arrives at the mall it becomes clear that something has to change. Ivan is forced to make a promise that will leave you gasping.  This truly is a beautiful book.  You will not be disappointed. Magic!

We have this book although on issue at the moment but I have ordered another as I know this is going to be favourite for so many of you. Come and place a reserve if you want a great book to read.



Whale song

The longest whale song

By Jaqueline WIlson

Reviewed by Katie

Ella is a girl whose mum is in a deep coma after just having Samson. She has to stay with her hopeless stepfather as well as looking after her new half-brother Samson and worrying about her mum.

The only thing going right is Ella’s school project. It’s all about whales singing to each other. Maybe a whale song could reach mum, wherever she is and bring her back to Ella and Samson. Surely it’s worth a try isn’t it.









Harry’s hair


This is a funny new book by Jane Buxton and illustrated by Jenny Cooper. I was at their book launch last week and had our copy signed by both of them. It turns out that the illustrator used to go to our very own Fendalton School some years ago.

Truly a Fendalton School dream maker


The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane

The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane   by Kate DiCamillo

Edward Tulane is a lovely rabbit. He is made of china. He got passed down a line of people.

He had all different adventures with lost people and dogs. This book is fantastic!

By Ashtyn


New books

Percy Jackson and the lightning thief  – Graphic novel

By Rick Riordan

For those of you who love the Percy Jackson series we now have the Graphic Novel version.

The illustrations are great  with wonderful use of colour.



Billionaire boy

By David Walliams

Joe is loaded. He has millions of dollars but he has no friends.

This is both funny and moving. What is the value of friendship?


Pirate’s treasure – book review

The magic tree house : Pirate’s treasure

by  Mary Pope Osborne

By Joshua Rundle
Year 3
Room 17.

I quite enjoyed this book as it was full of action right from the beginning.

Jack and Annie are captured by mean pirates and made to hunt for

They escape with help.

They learn more about the mysterious M……..

Thanks, Josh – great review.

If you like the sound of this book you might want to check out the Magic Tree House website and learn lots more about the series. There are missions to join and mysteries to solve. There are also more books in the series in the library.



23 November 2010

by Michael Morpurgo
This is a story told in three voices. Matt, his grandfather and Matt’s best friend Aman.
Aman’s story of his life in Afghanistan is awful. There is poverty and war and the struggle for survival. There is also the devotion of a stray dog, Aman names Shadow. There is life in England until Aman is snatched away and placed in Yarls Wood detention centre. There is so much in this book that you just need to read it to find out how wonderful it is.
Michael Morpurgo is a brilliant writer. Check out his site.
You can also take a look at an interview he did on why he wrote Shadow.

20 September 2010

Daisy’s maze
by Kyle Mewburn
“Daisy lived at the top of a very tall tower, in the middle of a maze.
Every Tuesday, her friends would come to tea, but they would be so tired after their long trip through the maze and tower that they’d fall asleep.”
Mr Page read this book to us.
Here are some of the things we thought.
It was exciting! It was amazing! It is a very good maze. He used very descriptive words.
Five out of five.
If you want to know what happens to Daisy – visit the library and read the book.
Room 12


Catkid: The fishy field trip

by Brian James

I love the way the author wrote the book and the attitude he put into it.
Here’s an example.
“Please! Please! Pretty please with sugar and sardines on top” (page 17).
Catkid is half human and half cat.
By Katie W in Room 8

Katie's book review

26 March 2010

The green wind and the wind is silver by Thurley Fowler

This book is about a dream maker. Jennifer turns a dream paddock into a real garden. 
I like the book because the girl becomes a dream maker.
Review by Katie

The Pencil of Doom

The Pencil of Doom is a great book written by Andy Griffiths. 

It is really funny and is full of ideas.
The Pencil of Doom is fun and easy to read.
Sarah Room 10

Guinness book of world records

                          Guinness book of world records 2010

I like the book because it has heaps of different wacky world records and we also like it because we scan through to try and find records that we may be able to break. Just like the one that  Sammy and I broke. It was the most leap frog jumps in one minute. The record was 45 and Sammy and I got 47. It was very tiring but it was fun when we did it!!

Year 6

Robot riot!

Another one of Andy Griffiths fabulously funny books! It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read!

By Angela, 
Year 6

Alex Rider Stormbreaker


SAS is a special military camp. The main characters are: Alex Rider, Allen Blunt, Mrs Jones, and Herod Sayle. My favourite character is Allen Blunt. My favourite part is when Alex sneaks away from Sayle. Hope you enjoy.

Alex Rider realises that his uncle, Ian Rider is dead. Alex goes to MI6, thinking that he is in the Royal & General bank. Allen Blunt wants Alex to work for MI6. Alex goes to SAS to train for two weeks. Alex almost killed a dozen people in a boxed trailer.


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