Diamond by Jacqueline Wilson


By Jacqueline Wilson

This is the latest book in the Hetty Feather series.

Diamond was a dainty, delicate daughter – and a bitter disappointment to her penniless parents who only wanted a boy!. Diamond discovers she has an amazing natural talent for acrobatics and tries to use her talent to earn a few pennies. Sadly this brings shame on her family and makes matters worse. Then a mysterious stranger spots her performing on the street. He makes a deal with her father and Diamond is sold. She is forced to become an acrobat at Tanglefield’s Travelling Circus by her wicked and greedy master. Will Diamond make friends or will life just be too dangerous and lonely?

Post a comment on this blog and tell me if I should buy this book or why you like Jacqueline Wilson’s books. If I do buy it and you are the first to post a comment you will get to be the first to read the book.


Welcome to a very busy term 3

I hope you all had a lovely holiday and are keen to get back in to school. This is going to be a very busy term. We had the Olympic Games, and Arts fortnight, Wearable arts, and Maths Week.

But the best will Book Week in week 5. Lots of competitions and prizes to win. Heaps of new books to buy and lots of special visitors.

One of the competitions will be to make your own book trailer based on one of your favourite books.

Check out these two below.

“The worst thing about my sister”  by Jacqueline Wilson (a great year 5-6 read)

Or you could try this form of book trailer.

Ivy and Bean : Doomed to dance

By Annie Barrows. Super read for the year 3 and 4 girls.



Perhaps you and your friends could act out your own trailer. You will need to get started soon if you want to impress the judges.