FOS book club students on our annual trek to Trengrove Kindergarten to share stories

The year six book club has grown so much this year that it had to be split in to two groups. We still did heaps of reading and had some great discussions.

One of the special things we do at the end of the year is trek down to our local kindergarten and share Christmas stories with the young children. It is wonderful to see that all the boys and girls in book club get right in to the spirit of it all and enjoy reading picture books to the wee ones. I love the community feel between all the children and it is a highlight of the term when we all make our way down the road – wearing our Santa hats of course.

Unfortunately not everyone can be in book club as there is limited room and time but if you are moving into year six next year and are keen for a challenge, come and let me know.





Our year six Faultline Fiction Fanatics book club students after the event. A great way to end the year!


Happy 70th birthday Michael Morpurgo from Fendalton School book club

Our lovely bunch of book club students created signs to wish author Michael Morpurgo  happy 70th birthday wishes.

As the author we talk about most it was only fitting that we join the celebrations which are happening all over the UK this month.




                                                                                                                            HAPPY 70TH BIRTHDAY MICHAEL MORPURGO




Here is Michael Morpurgo talking about voyages. Very interesting


And to celebrate even more why not watch this video of the author talking about how he became a writer. Perhaps you might find some ideas for your own creative writing.

And if you want even more, then read about how two years ago, after the earthquakes he sent us some books  here on the Guardian UK website.