New Zealand Poetry Day with lots of fun and rhymes

What a fantastic day at school today. It was NZ Daffodil day so our students wore mufti with lots of yellow and green which perfectly matched the beautiful spring-like day we had. Their mufti day donations are going to the Cancer Society. Many children also made daffodil models from all sorts of recycled material.

AND as well as all this going on it was New Zealand Poetry day. We had our annual Popcorn and Poetry session in the library at lunch time. Not wanting to miss out on all the poetry, many children queued outside the library as they ate their lunch. Children read and shared their own poems, or poems they liked. It always amazes me how keen the children are and how supportive they are of each other’s creations. It is never easy standing up in front of others and for some of these children it was a bit scary but they all did an amazing job. Happy NZ Poetry day everyone.

Popcorn and bookmarks were shared as well.