World read-aloud day

Lots of reading happening in the library and across the school and even across the whole world today as we celebrate World Read-aloud day. There are many children in the world who do not have access to books and who cannot read so this is one way we can stop for a minute and think of them. It also makes us realise how lucky we are to have a library and lots and lots of books to read.

Everyday is the best day to read and we have so many choices in our school library. Graphic novels, picture books, novels, non-fiction – heaps and don’t forget I am here to help you with your choices. You can also request titles using our wish list book.

Mr M and room 5 enjoying a good read-aloud in the library.


Rooms 18 and 19 enjoying a story with Mrs Lidstone


Room 1 Relaxing at the end of the day with a good book or two.




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