World of Fantasy

Over the next month we have three cool competitions with some great book prizes.

You can draw your own Fantasy Island and create your own magical world. You might want to write your own fantasy story. Maybe there are dragons in your world. Maybe there are trolls and monsters. There are lots of magical items on display which might have been enchanted. Maybe there is something hidden inside some of them and opening it up might release something wicked, or free something that has been trapped for years. Give your characters good names, maybe you could make them up. Use your imagination, it’s all yours.

The third competition is to match the maps with the books. Lots of books have maps and they are very cool with some exciting names and plenty of adventure.

Next week we have author James Russell coming to school. His Dragon defenders books definitely feature dragons. Come and have a look at his books in the library, check out the display and see if you can come up with a story or map of your own. Make sure you use lots of detail on your map.


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