Urgum the axeman


Urgum the Axeman by K. Poskitt

as reviewed by Team 9

“Are we scared?  No. Do we care? No. We’re completely MENTAL!”

A sensational comedy that has you hooked from the start, Urgum has the whole Lost Desert trembling. For kids who like the savage world of roasted giraffe and sons diced up into seven different bags……..

Urgum the Axeman is the fiercest savage the lost desert has ever known. When he goes on a unicorn hunt with his seven sons, the twin barbarian gods Tangor and Tangal decide to play a prank on him. After 3 days hunting he returns home to Golgarth Cragg to find that ten years have passed. Suddenly he has a daughter and if that’s not bad enough, his wife Divina has given their cave a make over!

Between fighting filthy Nappars, scaring softhands and getting stuck down his new toilet,  Urgum spends some time getting to know his new daughter Molly and a host of other characters such as Olk, Mungoid the Ungoid, Hunjah the Headless, Grizelda and Mr Perkins from the Laplace palace tax department.

‘A really funny crack up book for any gender set in the Lost Desert in Golgarth Cragg.’

-A few good reasons why you should read Urgum:
1.Urgum’s  daughter Molly is a daring girl who will do anything to be the best savage in the Lost Desert.
Urgum’s wife Divina is the wifiest wife in the lost desert
Hunjah the headless isn’t called Hunjah the headless for nothing! Try chopping his head off with an axe and you’ll see why!

‘A book for all ages and not just for boys that will leave you laughing.’

-’It’s not only for boys! Because all of our class like it and it is so funny! It’s for age 7+’

– ‘A book which will have you yelling YARGHHH with delight!’


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