The Library tree

[dropcap2]T[/dropcap2]oday Room 10 went to the library and saw the new installation…a magnificent tree what is bursting out of the ceiling!  Here are our initial impressions:
Alice – I like how the heart is carved into the tree – it says FOS

Fletcher – Some of the tree is real and some isn’t.

Tom – I like how it looks like its bursting through the roof

Caitlin – I like how they did the spider weba dn the twig, with the spide in the middle.

Louis – I like how the owl was at the very top of the tree.

Lomond – I like how the bear is in the holoow of the tree and is reading a book.

Ella – I like how the mirror makes it look like a pond.

Luis – I like how parts of stories are actually on the tree.

Maddison – I like how the snakes join together to hold the tire.

Jamie – It’s really cool how the mirror looks like a pond.

Desna and Paul Walker – thanks for doing such an incredible job on the display 🙂



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