Amy meets author Barbara Else of Go Girl: A storybook of Epic NZ Women

Go Girl: a storybook of epic NZ women

By Barbara Else

Amy was lucky to attend the Christchurch Word Festival session with author Barbara Else and even got to meet her after the event.

Thank you, Amy for sharing your thoughts on the afternoon. And yes! We do have the book in the library.


On Saturday I went to the Christchurch Word Festival to hear Barbara Else talk about her book Go Girl. Barbara was very entertaining. She did lots of research and told us lots of stories. It was really exciting to meet her and get my book signed. I had to wait for mum to read the book first because she liked it too. One of the ladies in the book used to go to Fendalton School. Her name is Hayley Westenra and she is a famous singer. It was a very enjoyable day, one of my best days ever.

By Amy V