Research made easy

Are you looking for something on the internet to help with your homework or class topics?

Are you overwhelmed by all the information you get on google?

Then try  some of these to make things easier:


I had fun on this search engine looking at ancient explorers. 


This is also a very child friendly search engine which many classes are already using.

 Kids national geographic

For children who love learning about animals and other fun facts this Kids National Geographic site is great fun.

On the side bar of this blog is a link to /

This is a quick way to access this site which is managed by New Zealand librarians from the National Library. On school days between 1 and 6pm you can go on to their site and actually have a virtual lesson on making the most of your internet searches. They are real librarians in real time and rather than give you an answer they will chat via email back and forward to help you find the right answers yourselves. Very cool.

And if you don’t want to talk or connect with a real librarian then you can still search the site for answers to your questions  from the many links already provided. The great thing is that they have done the work for you and checked out if the sites are safe.

Just a reminder that if you click on the page Homework Help there are many more sites to enjoy.

Have a great long weekend.