Makerspace – making bristle bots in the library

What a busy lunch time on Wednesday. We were so lucky to have a visit form Amanda from Creokit who demonstrated one of her Makerspace activities. The children were delighted with their creations of little bristle bots. While it was certainly educational it was mostly a lot of fun. The children were totally engaged and eager to learn. This would be cool to try with bigger brushes. A great way to spend the lunch break.





Making a newspaper tower in the library

Lunch times this week in the library have been busy with lots of children rolling up newspapers to help create a tower. Our wonderful caretaker Mr Walker, has been in every day to assist the children as they roll different lengths. It was a great chance to discuss what gives buildings their strength and how to make sure things actually are strong enough to stand up. The added touch of a flashing light on top was just perfect. Delighted faces everywhere for our makerspace activity.






Maker Monday: Today’s challenge – spaghetti and marshmallows

Once again the library was buzzing with chatter and creative thoughts. Students had the challenge of creating any structure they wanted as long as it could stand up by itself. The only tools they had were dry spaghetti and marshmallows. Lots of thinking going on and I love how they shared their ideas. I especially love the Eiffel Tower from Phoebe and Lily.



Noah and Tabitha’s 3D cube.


Jasmine and her hanging structure.

Lots of fun. Look out for another challenge coming soon.


Another wonderful Maker Monday in the library

We held another Maker Monday session in the library at lunch time today, this time for some year five students.

Their challenge was to create the tallest structure they could, using only pipe cleaners. No tape or glue was allowed.

They put themselves in to little teams and began some wonderful discussions. Midway through they were instructed to hold one hand behind their back and carry on. The next challenge was to be allowed two hands again but no talking. They had to find some other way to communicate.

This was a bigger challenge for some of them but it was fun. So much fun in fact that the children did the challenge several times.








Maker Monday – our first Makerspace session in the library

What a busy lunch time we had today. We started our first Maker Monday with some year six students who re-purposed some old faulty books turning them into hedgehogs. It was a hive of activity and conversation. Unfortunately we ran out of time to add feet but the children were happy with their end product.  It was wonderful to see so many boys participating in the activity. Today’s effort was all about folding paper and maintaining a sense of shape and symbolism so not only fun but learning a long the way.

We will hold other activities for other year levels.

On some occasions we will have the year six students helping our young year ones. Some children have decided to paint the bottom of the hedgehogs and write special messages for Father’s Day.