Can a skeleton have an x-ray? by Kyle Hughes-Odgers our book of the week.

Can a skeleton have an x-ray?

By Kyle Hughes-Odgers

Freemantle Press

“How does sound taste?
Do colours smell?
Why do onions make me cry?
Who builds the wings for birds to fly?”


These are just some of the big questions in this delightful picture book which is our book of the week. This is a wonderful book to sit with friends and ask each other questions. Whether you are reading this together with friends or by yourself do take the time to enjoy it and see where your answers take you?

There are certainly questions I would love to know the answer to.  “What happens under my bed?” I really hate to think what might be happening under there while I sleep. Maybe my cats are sleeping under there or maybe there is a trapdoor with stairs leading far below the earth and maybe even out the other side? What do you you think happens underneath your bed? Come and tell me. Come and read the book.

It is also a great one for teachers to use in class to get into some deep discussions about how the world works. Teachers please use this link to take you to some teaching notes which will make this book even more fun to read and use with students.