How we celebrated Hairy Maclary’s 30th birthday

What a way to end the term. The whole junior school were invited to help celebrate Hairy Maclary’s special birthday. We squeezed about 150 children into the library to share popcorn, movies, competitions and lots of laughing. Our special guest was Mr Sibson aka Bottomley Potts who came and read to us. He did get into a bit of mischief and I had to tell him off but it was so funny. Thank you to the teachers who got dressed up too and helped share the fun. It really was a wonderful morning. A special thank you to the year six book club students who helped with the decorations and paw prints into the library.










Just a reminder if you want to have more fun then click here to go to Hairy Maclary’s very own website.




Hairy Maclary turns 30

Hairy Maclary


I can not wait until the last day of term when the library is transformed into one giant Hairy Maclary party for the whole junior school.

Hairy Maclary is having his 30th birthday and we are going to help him celebrate.  That is a whole lot of years that we have been able to read and enjoy the wonderful antics of Hairy Maclary and his friends.

The year six book club children and I are working hard at making all sorts of displays and competitions. We will have to move shelves to fit you all in but it is going to be a great way to end the term.

We will even have a special visitor coming to read to us. Look out to as we have a movie to share and popcorn. I really can’t wait. If you want to have some fun in the mean time just click on the picture above and go and see what Harry and his friends are up to.