Some wonderful stories from Room 15

These are the last of the stories we will be sharing online but you will be able to read more in folders next to the tree in the library.


The Library Tree

There is an amazing tree in our library…

Up the top it is hollow so the people that live

there have a home.

Down near the bottom there is a toadstool and a

little glass lake  by The Haunted Tree, don’t go round

the other side in case there’s a grumpy old bear

reading in his hut.

Snakes are everywhere to guard it from rival

community trees, and the spiders form an early

warning system. The grumpy old bear in the hut is

also head of army, and is continually looking for

plans to defeat them in defense and attack. The

spider webs are used as jails.

The fairies and frogs are peace keepers, but when

it comes to fighting the frogs use crossbows and

the fairies use longbows. The witch is also a

night guard.

by Corin – Year 3


The Haunted Tree

In the library there is an amazing tree! It looks

like it goes out the roof but it doesn’t!

If you open the door there is a big brown bear

hibernating, reading a book. The moon is shining

brightly. The witch is riding on her long


There’s water like glass with frogs on green lily

pads. Green leaves are all around it, and there

is a bear sitting on a piece of wood. There is a

white owl sitting next to his nest.

There are snakes slithering down the rope. On the

swing is an evil looking creature.

by Natalie – Year 3


The Tree in the Library

On Wednesday Room 15 went to the library and saw


I named it Spooky because it’s spooky, and has 4

snakes, 2 of them holding a tyre with some kind

of monkey in it, and Spooky also holds a witch and

lots of spiders. I freaked out because I thought

it was real, and also I thought the tree went

through the roof, but it didn’t.

But the part that wasn’t Spooky was the Disney

characters. And another scary thing is….THE TREE

HAS A FACE AAAA!!! But it didn’t say anything.

I asked, “What kind of tree are you?” The tree

replied “I’m a… I’m a Face Tree.” He smiled.

“Never heard of that before” I said to myself.

“OK” I smiled back.

And the sweetest sweetest thing about Spooky is

that every single day for 1 hour a bear reads the

fairies a book.

by Oscar – Year 3


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