Quilt-making in the library to celebrate Little Golden Books

In term three we will be celebrating 75 years since the very first Little Golden Book was published. The books are favourites for so many people all over the world. The Poky Little Puppy was one of the very first and is still a huge hit with readers. It is still my favourite. When I was little my family even had a black cat we named Poky after the little dog in the story.

We love reading here at school so will celebrate in style with a chance for parents to come in to school and read Little Golden Books with their families.

One of the special things we are doing is making a quilt to hang on the library wall. It is based on stories from the Little Golden Books and each little piece represents a story. Children from year 5 and 6 will take turns to help create blocks and put the blocks together to form the quilt. They are so eager that they give up their morning tea time to help. It is great that we have boys helping as well. More photos in another post.

I love the smiles on the girls faces as they complete the first blocks for the quilt. A massive thank to our teacher Karen Brown for her skills and expertise as she teaches the children new skills.




Here is a trailer to tell you more about Little Golden Books


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