Measle and the Dragodon

Measle and the Dragodon is about a little boy called Measle, his mother(Lee) and his father (Sam). Sam is a wizard and Lee is full of a power called mana which means when Sam does a major spell his mana can be fully restored without him even having to wait. All he has to do is touch Lee’s hand and it will restore fully! The drogodon is a monster and the only one left of his type. the dragodon wants to take over the world but his dragon (the one that gives him his power and mana) is sick and can’t recover for another 300 years so the dragodon captures lee and holds her hostige until his dragon wants to eat. But Measle comes to the rescue and takes a very risky and dangerous path to save his mum and reunite his family. AND HE SUCCEEDS. His family is now reunited and settled in (for now).    


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