ESOL PM+ CD Rom and Readers

The colours of the sets match the colour wheel reading levels.
The books are barcoded as a set.
The CD roms are barcoded separately. Our site licence only covers being loaded onto school computers.
They are for teacher issue only.

Red Set A
– Photo Time
– Kitty Cat
– Sam and Bingo
– Here comes Little Chimp
– The Big Hill
– Little Chimp and Big Chimp
– Sam’s Race
– Let’s Pretend

Red Set B
– Mother Bird
– Kitty Cat and the Fish
– Baby Panda
– Run, Rabbit, Run!
– The Toytown Rescue
– Monkey on the Roof
– At the Toyshop

Blue Set A
-Bugs for Breakfast
– Sam Plays Swingball
– Kitty Cat and the Paint
– Baby Bear Climbs a Tree
– Little Chimp and the Bees
– Rabbit’s Ears
– The Swan Family
– The House on the Hill

Blue Set B
– Max and the Bird House
– The Toytown Racing Car
– The Broken Flower Pot
– Mother Tiger and her Cubs
– Tom’s Ride
– Our New House
– Our House is a Safe House

Orange Set A
– The Rocket Ship
– Look Out!
– The Little Work Plane
– The Big Bad Wolf
– The Lions and the Buffaloes

Orange Set B
– The Secret Cave
– Jordan at the Big Game
– The Triceratops and the Crocodiles
– Taking Care of Ourselves
– Our Bodies

Purple Set A
– Rally Car Race
– Sea Otter Goes Hunting
– A Spider in my Bedroom
– Bend, Stretch, Leap

Purple Set B
– The Giant Seeds
– Mack’s Big Day
– Winter on the Ice
– Sky Changes
– Seasons and Weather


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