ANZAC Day display and competition

ANZAC Day is on the 25th April and even though it is during the holidays we still want to think about the day and all that it stands for.

We have a display in the library with many new books to look at and posters with lots of information.

There is even a competition where you have a chance to win books. Take a good look at the display and then answer some simple questions. A great way to brush up your information literacy skills and learn things as well.

Come and see me in the library if you are interested.

One of the new books is called

ANZAC the New Zealand Story : what it is and why it matters.

It is written by Philippa Werry.

This is a great book with heaps of information about why we have ANZAC Day and what it all means.

Did you know that  the youngest New Zealander to die at Gallipoli was Private James Martin and he was only 14 years old. Very sad but you can read lots of other interesting things about Gallipoli when you come to the library.


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