And the winner is…

The Doctor Who Tardis has been the talk of the school (and the Press newspaper). Students have been reading the new Doctor Who books and talking about where they would like to time travel too if they had the chance. We made this into a competition with the winner taking away a toy Dalek.

Mr Walker, who made our Tardis chose Amelie as the winner for her choice.

“I would like to go forward into the future to when the book teleporter is invented. (A book teleporter is where you can step into an amazing book and stay in that location as long as you want”.



There were so many ideas. Lots of children wanted to go back in time to the dinosaurs. Some wanted to go back to the war and stop it from happening while some wanted to go back to war just to ride the tanks! One child wanted to go back so he could see his parents as children. So many wonderful ideas.



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