Bubbles, bubbles everywhere

It was a great day for blowing bubbles today. It was lovely to see teacher Lucie and our caretaker Mr Walker joining in the fun as the children danced around the grounds chasing bubbles. 
Our bubble mixture didn’t quite go the way we wanted so a special thanks to Kimberley for coming to our rescue with the loan of her bubble maker. Our makerpsace activity outside the library was still a lot of fun. 



Room 10 watching the new sand arrive for our sandpit

What a busy day it has been here at school today.
A hen in the library this morning and now the sandpit next to the library has been filled with new sand thanks to our wonderful PTA.
Boys from Boy’s High school helped as part of their school workday and the room 10 children thoroughly enjoyed watching it all happen.



There is nothing like reading on the job. Thanks boys!


Are hens allowed in the library? Yes – at least for this morning.

Elliot brought his family pet hen Mary into the library this morning. Our school inquiry this term is all about treasures and for Elliot, Mary is a family treasure. Mary is certainly a beautiful hen and very soft to touch.


Ewan then read to the class the wonderful picture book Peggy by Anna Walker. 

You can’t take Mary home but you can come to the library and borrow Peggy. Watch the book trailer below to find out more about Peggy and her adventures.


Wanted. Little Golden books for the school library

Little Golden Books are 75 years old this year and later on we will be running some craft lunch times using old Little Golden books. If you have any Little Golden books you are able to donate this would be very much appreciated. If they are a bit old with wear and tear, that is absolutley fine as most will be repurposed.  You  can drop them off in the library during school lours. 


In the mean time you can read along to the most famous of all Little Golden Books – The poky little puppy.  (my favourite for sure). 



World read-aloud day

Lots of reading happening in the library and across the school and even across the whole world today as we celebrate World Read-aloud day. There are many children in the world who do not have access to books and who cannot read so this is one way we can stop for a minute and think of them. It also makes us realise how lucky we are to have a library and lots and lots of books to read.

Everyday is the best day to read and we have so many choices in our school library. Graphic novels, picture books, novels, non-fiction – heaps and don’t forget I am here to help you with your choices. You can also request titles using our wish list book.

Mr M and room 5 enjoying a good read-aloud in the library.


Rooms 18 and 19 enjoying a story with Mrs Lidstone


Room 1 Relaxing at the end of the day with a good book or two.




Welcome back

Welcome to another exciting year here at school.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break and managed to find some good books to read.

The library has lots of new books which are being quickly issued out.

I was asked recently  what a typical day in the library would be like. I said there was no typical day and today just proves that.

Sadly, just after lunch break I removed the remains of a dead hedgehog from under a bush near the junior rooms. A baby hedgehog had come out all hungry and lost. It is now in a box waiting to be taken to the Animal and Bird Hospital. The baby is small and cute but needs a bit of help that we can’t provide.

If you want to know more about hedgehogs come and see me in the library. We have some great books on the subject.

Update. The hedgehog is doing fine at the Animal and Bird Hospital.



Year six Book club trip to Trengrove Kindergarten

What a beautiful day for the year six book club students to walk to Trengrove Kindergarten and share Christmas stories with the younger children.
Our annual trip to the kindergarten is fast becoming a tradition which is well-loved by all involved.
It is a great opportunity for our students to connect with our community.
The lovely kindergarten children welcomed us with a song and our students sang back in return. After a story the children played games, puzzles and made sand castles in the sandpit or some played on the swings and slide.
It really is wonderful to see our students being so caring and responsible with the wee ones and I know that they are very ready to move on to Intermediate next year.










A treat for students today






It was a real treat for students today. Emma and Cameron brought in their pet lambs to graze outside the library. Quite fitting for Canterbury A & P show this week.

The children loved having them and watching them munch away on grass. For many children this was the first time they had patted lambs, which was just lovely.

Thank you Emma and Cameron and of course thank you also to Tom and Nibbles the friendly lambs.


Stacy Gregg and the senior girls and mums lunch

What a fantastic afternoon for the senior girls on Thursday.
There was lots of food to eat as they celebrated a shared lunch with their mums for this special occasion.
After a great lunch the girls sat down to listen to the wonderful author Stacy Gregg. Stacy talked about her journey as a writer and the notion that sometimes you just have to keep writing and re-writing to get things just perfect. Stacy also talked about her latest book The Diamond horse and thrilled the girls with tales of Russia. Research is one of the biggest factors but also one Stacy enjoys the most with heaps of travel and experiences.
The girls were lucky too, to get their own copies of her books signed. It is always a special experience meeting authors.
The girls performed a lovely kapa haka as a thank you to Stacy Gregg.
If you want to know more about Stacy just click here.
As you can see by these photos, the girls had a great day.












Look at what is happening in the library this week. Spring and Halloween

Outside the library the blossoms are looking wonderful. Spring is such a lovely time.


Inside we have a bit of a spring theme going on as well. Some of the junior classes have been making little butterflies to hang from our tree.
We also have a bit of a Halloween display set up to promote lots of new Winnie the Witch books. There are activities and downloads all about Winnie and Wilbur right here.  Even if you are not in to Halloween these books are still very funny, quirky and great to read at any time of the year.



Listening to stories in the library

It is great to see how many different ways there are to read or listen to a story. Rina, Maia and Aria were very involved in reading and istening to the story of Paddington Bear. They read along with the story, looking at the illustrations and taking turns to swipe each page. Children of all ages love being read to and while climbing on to the knee of a parent is the ultimate, listening along to the story on an iPad also has some wonderful benefits.



Celebrating Roald Dahl 100 years of the World’s No. 1 Storyteller


September 13th marked 100 years ago that Roald Dahl was born. While he died some years ago his books are still best sellers and read and enjoyed by children all over the world.

To help celebrate we have had competitions and fun activities all week. Lunchtime on his birthday children wore big BFG ears, and Willy Wonka hats. Children have written poems and created some wonderful dream jars.


 Isla with her fantastic BFG ears and amazing dream jar


Amber and her massive BFG ears                              


Charlie, Laura and Amy sharing a chat under Laura’s Willy Wonka hat 





Maisy and Amy with their poem


Roald  Dahl


Books, books, picture books

Trying to cook and crazy looks.

Matilda, BFG, Trunchbull and more,

Charlie finding a golden ticket in the store.

BFG mixing up words

Glue put on Mr and Mrs Twits heads by birds


Happy birthday Roald Dahl!


By Maisy T and Amy Z



Some of our wonderful dream jars



If you want to know more about Roald Dahl check out this website.


Robots in the library for Space Night


Space Night was a fantastic night. The whole school was buzzing with excitement with food stalls and science activities for all ages.

In the library we pushed back all the shelves and let the robots take over. The children even danced with the robots. This little robot  was just warming up before the doors opened.

Our wonderful PTA were the hard-working planners behind this fantastic night. So a huge thank you to all of them.

During the week in the library we had chances to make alien spacehips out of paper plates and stars out of paper bags. The library really is a fun place to be.

And of course there were lots of lovely new space books bought with funds raised by the PTA. Again – a huge thank you to our wonderful PTA

This was the library display for Space Night. 



Planets jigsaw in the library

Over the last week children have been coming in to the library and helping to complete our planets jigsaw.

Great to see so many children working on the jigsaw. A real team effort. Thank you.

Version 2




The 78-storey treehouse by Andy Griffiths. Two happy readers under our own tree in the library

The 78-storey treehouse

By Andy Griffiths

ISBN 9781743535004


Two very happy readers with the latest release from Andy Griffiths. Just released today! Rosa and Baxter are in our library standing under our own tree (with our Olympic display), holding up the library copies of The 78-storey treehouse. When I held up the copies of the books for issuing, every hand went up. Pop in and reserve your copy. I confess I whipped through it before I let anyone else have a turn and giggled all the way through it.

Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton are an awesome team. Check out Andy’s website.




Domino run in the library

Our latest maker space activity was a small first attempt to create a domino run. The carpet wasn’t quite firm enough so we tried the table. Setting up took a bit of time as there were lots of bumps that lead to everything tumbling down early.
We did have heaps of fun, lots of laughs and that is wonderful. Most children stood well back to avoid early crashes but as you can see we did try this on a very small scale. We did have little bits running well.
We will certainly do this again. Children will look at how well spaced they place the dominoes, better layouts, and we may even go to the hall and do a bigger attempt. The thing I love about maker space activities is that the children are encouraged to do everything themselves with very little intervention from teaching/adult staff.
A fun way to spend lunch time in the library.

Olympic Games display and links for learning


For the next few weeks most of the classes will be learning about the Olympic Games. We have a display in the library with Qr codes to great links, posters of the different sports and of course our bear in the tree is our flag bear-er!

There is a box of resources which can be used in the library. On the library blog under Hot topics there is a link to a number of websites on the Olympic Games. Do check out the BBC Olympic Games advert. It is very cool and very clever. Here is a quick link.


My Grandpa is a Dinosaur – new book and a competition too.

My Grandpa is a dinosaur

By Terry Jones

Illustrated by Richard Fairgray


Wow! There are dinosaurs all over the library. We have a great competition at school this week. All you have to do is draw a picture of a dinosaur and you might win a copy of this wonderful book. Any kind of dinosaur – even one you invent yourself. If you come in to the library you can see what some students have created already. There are rainbow dinosaurs and even one with a volcano head.




Bring your pictures to the library before next Wednesday.


Sam Johnson visiting the seniors. What an amazing afternoon.

This post is from Scarlett in year six.


IMG_0805 (1)


IMG_1272 (1)

Year 6 has been working on a biography of famous New Zealanders. I chose Sam Johnson (for those of you who don’t know, Sam set up the Student Volunteer Army and was awarded young New Zealander of the year in 2012 after he and his “Army” helped a lot in the earthquakes). In my opinion he was the best person to pick!! I began trying to email him so I could ask if I could interview him  over the phone. It took a while but finally his secretary gave me his proper email address and within a few hours I had a reply from him saying that it would be fine. It was a great start!

A few minutes later I got another email from him saying that he would be in Christchurch on Thursday and he could meet me at the Fendalton library. That was even better! I told Mrs Harford and she said it was great but if it would be even better if he could come and talk to the senior team. This was quite a lot to ask and remember he was doing all of this for free! I gave it a try and he said he only lived around the corner so he said that it would be fine! I was stoked! Even more Mrs Harford and Desna were stoked! It felt like I was going to meet John Key!! So on Thursday at 2pm Sam Johnson came to talk to the Senior team! When he arrived I had butterflies in my stomach as you can see in the photo he was quite a lot taller than me! When we walked down to the hall I showed him a few of the classes and he was already being recognised by teachers! When he started I was immediately intrigued. It was like the whole senior team wasn’t staring at us and all I could focus on was his words. Every word was inspirational and meaningful and it was a day I would always remember!


Thank you Scarlett for organising this wonderful event. Sam was so inspirational and it was lovely to see how well you interviewed him.

I know I will remember two very important things from his talk. One is that you need to be a team player with whatever you do. The second is that your attitude is most important in what you do in life. Thank you Scarlett.

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