ESOL Vivid English CD Rom

This resource is most suitable for new English learners.
We only have a site licence for five computers so see Glenys to borrow/install.

– Alphabet
– Colours
– Numbers
– Parts of the Body
– Parts of a house
– Days of the week
– Months of the year


ESOL PM+ CD Rom and Readers

The colours of the sets match the colour wheel reading levels.
The books are barcoded as a set.
The CD roms are barcoded separately. Our site licence only covers being loaded onto school computers.
They are for teacher issue only.

Red Set A
– Photo Time
– Kitty Cat
– Sam and Bingo
– Here comes Little Chimp
– The Big Hill
– Little Chimp and Big Chimp
– Sam’s Race
– Let’s Pretend

Red Set B
– Mother Bird
– Kitty Cat and the Fish
– Baby Panda
– Run, Rabbit, Run!
– The Toytown Rescue
– Monkey on the Roof
– At the Toyshop

Blue Set A
-Bugs for Breakfast
– Sam Plays Swingball
– Kitty Cat and the Paint
– Baby Bear Climbs a Tree
– Little Chimp and the Bees
– Rabbit’s Ears
– The Swan Family
– The House on the Hill

Blue Set B
– Max and the Bird House
– The Toytown Racing Car
– The Broken Flower Pot
– Mother Tiger and her Cubs
– Tom’s Ride
– Our New House
– Our House is a Safe House

Orange Set A
– The Rocket Ship
– Look Out!
– The Little Work Plane
– The Big Bad Wolf
– The Lions and the Buffaloes

Orange Set B
– The Secret Cave
– Jordan at the Big Game
– The Triceratops and the Crocodiles
– Taking Care of Ourselves
– Our Bodies

Purple Set A
– Rally Car Race
– Sea Otter Goes Hunting
– A Spider in my Bedroom
– Bend, Stretch, Leap

Purple Set B
– The Giant Seeds
– Mack’s Big Day
– Winter on the Ice
– Sky Changes
– Seasons and Weather


ESOL Fiction Audio CD and Books (Fast Forward series)

These resources are most suitable for Year 4-6 students.
They are barcoded as a levelled set.
They are for teacher issue only.

Level 6
– Anna goes to the zoo
– Dad and Dan go fishing
– Ben Fox saves the day
– Noises in the night

Level 7
– A night out
– Harry helps out
– Max and the Tornado
– The mess

Level 8
– Danger in the Snow
– Taking off
– The jewellery shop robbery
– The mystery of the missing bike

Level 9
– Magic tricks
– On the team
– Slow down Mrs Brown!
– Time travel: The dinosaurs


ESOL Fiction Audio CD and Books

These resources are most suitable for Year 4-6 students.
They are barcoded as a CD/Book set.
Selected titles are located in the blue ESOL box for children to issue and take home (on trial).
The remainder are for teacher issue only.

– Aesop’s fables
– Aladdin and his magical lamp
– Badness for beginners
– Can’t you sleep little bear?
– Kipper story collection
– Knights
– Mouse hole cat
– Owl babies
– Robots
– Six dinner Sid
– Snore
– Stories of Dragons
– Stories of Pirates
– Stories of Robots
– The little mermaid
– The pig in the pond
– The princess and the pea
– The snow queen
– The nutcracker
– The emperor’s new clothes
– Treasure Island
– Winnie the witch


ESOL Bilingual Picture Books

These resources are most suitable for Year 1-4 children.
They are individually barcoded and stored in a labelled box.
Children are allowed to issue one at a time and take them home.

– Dragon’s Tears
– Farmer Duck
– Fox Fables
– Guess how much I love you?
– Hansel and Gretel
– Lima’s hot chilli
– My Daddy is a giant
– Nita goes to hospital
– The Crow King
– The little red hen
– Tigers, Frogs and Rice Cakes (Korean proverbs)
– Wibbly Wobbly Tooth

– Lao Lao of Dragon Mountain


Book lists – Senior


  • Alex Rider series Anthony Horowitz
  • Maz Remy Superspy Deborah Abela
  • Cherub series Robert Muchamore
  • Zack Power H. I. Larry
  • Jack Stalwart E. S. Hunt


  • Harry Potter J K Rowling
  • The Hobbit J.R.R.Tolkien
  • Lord of the Rings J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Indian in the Cupboard L. R. Banks
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events Lemony Snicket
  • Chronicals of Narnia C.S. Lewis
  • Deltora Quest Emily Rodda
  • Rowan of Rin Emily Rodda
  • Redwall B. Jacques
  • Percy Jackson R. Riordan (Half Greek god – myths & legends)
  • Inkheart trilogy Cornelia Funke

Diary Stories

  • Dolphin Diaries Lucy Daniels
  • My Story series

Slapstick Humour

  • Just tricking /Just Annoying/ Just Disgusting/ Just Crazy Andy Griffith
  • Francis Bacon / A pig called Bacon Stephen Measley
  • Tongue tied Paul Jennings
  • Uncanny / Unbearable / Unreal (Many more)

Animal Lovers

  • Heartland Lauren Brooke ( Horses )
  • Animal Ark series Lucy Daniels
  • Saddle Club B. Bryant

Horrible histories

  • Horrible Histories Terry Dreary
  • Cruel Crime & Painful Punishment
  • Horrible Geography Anita Ganeri
  • Raging Rivers
  • Earth Shattering Earthquakes
  • Odious Oceans
  • Stormy Weather
  • Horrible Science Nick Arnold


  • Boy Overboard Morris Gleitzman
  • Once Morris Gleitzman
  • Milkweed Jerry Spinelli
  • Lord of the nutcracker men Iain Lawrence
  • War horse Michael Morpurgo
  • Parvana & Parvana’s journey D. Ellis (Afghanistan)
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