The 13th storey tree house

The 13th storey tree house

Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton’s latest book.

Not quite ready yet as it is very new but it will be out soon.

This book is so funny especially if you like the ridiculous ideas they come up with in their other books.

Terry and Andy live in a tree house – 13 stories high. It has it’s own bowling alley and even a see through swimming pool. Lots of silly adventures here.

Always popular so do get in first when it is available.



On display this week are some wonderful new editions of some of the best classics ever.

We have Peter Pan and Wendy; The little prince; The secret garden; Treasure Island; Pippi Longstockings; Wizard of Oz and many more.

These will all be available from Monday. Some of these titles were first written 100 years ago. To still be available today means they are very good stories. Come and read one or two and then tell me which was your favourite.



Designer Makes Fairytale Dress From Recycled Children’s Books

Have you ever wondered what to do with all those old childrens books?

This site is amazing. Ryan Novelline made this dress out of recyled coloured pages from childens books sewen together with gold thread . The bodice is made from the spines of Little Golden Books.

Because of copyright I can’t put the photo up but do check out the site – you will be amazed.


Rugby World Cup display

Caretaker Paul has worked so hard at making this replica cup. He made it out of a lump of fence post. He also made the goalpost. He has done a wonderful job. Pop in to the library to see the display and view the many new rugby books.

You can also check out a fun site with lots of rugby activities to do on the cold winter nights.

Room 14 brainstormed ideas on what it takes to be a World Rugby Player and play for the All Blacks.

Their dream maker ideas are listed here. See if you agree

Practise every day.

Get a good coach or teacher to train with.
Get ready. Be prepared.
Make a picture in your head.
Think hard about how to succeed.
Listen to instructions carefully.
Eat healthy brain food. Drink lots of water. Get fit.
Try hard. Try your best.
If it doesn’t work, change your attitude or the way you do something.
Don’t give up. Keep going!

Solve your problems.

Sounds very good to me.
















Special Olympics Gold Winner

We were so lucky to have Special Olympics Gold winner Andrew Oswin visit our library this week.

Andrew is a past pupil of Fendalton School. He has shown us that we can all be dream makers with a bit of hard work.

Andrew won gold in the shot put.

Here he is with his medals.


Billie B Brown


For those girls that absolutley love Billie B Brown there a number of new books in the library.

There is also a very cool website to check out. Take a look at the Boredom Busters page and play the memory game.


Year 4’s just back from camp

For all the  year fours just back from camp – Are you tired?

Do you just want to sit down and relax with a good book? Well, there are many new books out this week. Take a look at some of these ones.


The Emerald Atlas

Just new and almost ready is the new book The Emerald Atlas by  John Stephens.

The book trailer looks a little scary but I can’t wait to read this. Come and see me if you want to read it first.


Lunch time

Keeping warm in the library.

Jordan enjoys sharing his reading skills while others play chess on the first day of winter.


Cook book fans


Not only did these boys borrow a bunch of cook books from the library but they also brought in  some of the yummy food they cooked for me to eat.

I was treated to a delicious slushy, yummy chocolate cake and delightful chocolate   brownies with lollies inside. I  will end up very fat if I keep eating their cooking.

Thanks Kyle, Jack and Ryan for your wonderful food.

There are always plenty of cooking books in the library so why not check them out and   do some baking like these boys.


Urgum the axeman


Urgum the Axeman by K. Poskitt

as reviewed by Team 9

“Are we scared?  No. Do we care? No. We’re completely MENTAL!”

A sensational comedy that has you hooked from the start, Urgum has the whole Lost Desert trembling. For kids who like the savage world of roasted giraffe and sons diced up into seven different bags……..

Urgum the Axeman is the fiercest savage the lost desert has ever known. When he goes on a unicorn hunt with his seven sons, the twin barbarian gods Tangor and Tangal decide to play a prank on him. After 3 days hunting he returns home to Golgarth Cragg to find that ten years have passed. Suddenly he has a daughter and if that’s not bad enough, his wife Divina has given their cave a make over!

Between fighting filthy Nappars, scaring softhands and getting stuck down his new toilet,  Urgum spends some time getting to know his new daughter Molly and a host of other characters such as Olk, Mungoid the Ungoid, Hunjah the Headless, Grizelda and Mr Perkins from the Laplace palace tax department.

‘A really funny crack up book for any gender set in the Lost Desert in Golgarth Cragg.’

-A few good reasons why you should read Urgum:
1.Urgum’s  daughter Molly is a daring girl who will do anything to be the best savage in the Lost Desert.
Urgum’s wife Divina is the wifiest wife in the lost desert
Hunjah the headless isn’t called Hunjah the headless for nothing! Try chopping his head off with an axe and you’ll see why!

‘A book for all ages and not just for boys that will leave you laughing.’

-’It’s not only for boys! Because all of our class like it and it is so funny! It’s for age 7+’

– ‘A book which will have you yelling YARGHHH with delight!’


If you want to know more about Urgum or his author click here.






The display this week is Star Wars and the crowds are gathering. Come in at lunch time and browse some of the new STAR WARS books like these boys did.

You can also check out the web site with lots of games, activities and downloads.


Treasure Chest Shelves

Just new to the Treasure Chest shelf is the book  Alienography or How to spot an alien invasion by Chris Riddell,

You can have fun on his site or check out another site he shares with Paul Stewart. Both write books together as well.

The Treasure Chest is a fun place to look at in the library. Heaps of special books with fold out posters, flaps, and envelopes.

Some of the other books on these shelves are pictured below.




Reading Crusade
The Reading Crusade challenge is on once again. All you have to do is read six books.
This great challenge happens every two years and this time you can enter online yourself.
Keep an eye on our school library blog where we will place updates and ideas.
Also check out the  links for author websites, games and book lists.
There is also the wonderful Christchurch Kids Blog (  where you will have chances to win extra prizes.
This is a great excuse to spend time reading during the holidays.


Welcome back!

It’s great to see everyone back and school.

One of the new books that’s just arrived is Art & Max by the wonderful David Wiesner.

Here he is talking about the ideas and art behind his new book.


Hope you are all safe

Hi everyone

The tragedy of the last week is still raw for everyone. However, by the time you  come back the library will be all clean and tidy and ready for you all to pop in and get something new issued.

Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all soon.



Welcome to the new look library blog

Welcome to the library blog. All your old favourites are here but under a new look. Check out some of the latest posts, especially the book trailers. It would be great if you and your friends could make a book trailer for the blog.

Remember you can always send in a book review and let everyone else know what you are reading.

I’m looking forward to reading the book of the trailer below.


Hilary and Meredith Badger just blew us all away with their talk about writing. All eyes were on the authors as they discussed how they came up with stories, characters and spy names. Everyone now wants to be a spy. I have had to purchase more books for the library because there are so many eager readers waiting for the next book to read. The authors were mobbed afterwards. A wonderful experience for the children but the authors were equally impressed by the FOS welcome from the Kapa Haka team.


Just tricking

Just tricking by Andy Grifths
Are you a practical joker? would you play dead just to get out of school,would you wear a gorilla suit to your sisters birthday. If so this is the book for you.
Just tricking is about about Andy Grifths when he was a boy and the practical jokes he made.
It’s full of tricky stories my favorite is ‘Beat the bomb’ Beat the bomb is a story Andy and his friend Danny they always play jokes on one boy but this time they have great sympathy for him.
Any way just tricking is a perfect book for people who love a laugh.If you have read it and like it look for more of Andy’s books.

By Thomas.

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