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Fairy School Drop-out : Undercover

By Meredith Badger

This book was really, really good. Elly is a fairy at a human school. Elly goes undercover to find out if there are any more fairies in the school. Elly is a really good character because she is really nice to her friend Jess. It is funny especially when they fall on to the table of food.

I recommend this for girls 7 or 8 and over.

Review by Maddy M


The dancing bear

By Michael Morpurgo

It is a very good book and it can be a funny at times but the ending is sad and exciting. It’s about a little girl called Roxanne who lives with her Grandpa who can be very mean. She went into the forest one day and then came back with a baby bear cub. If you want to know more about the bear then I think you should read this book. I recommend this for ages seven and over.

Review by Georgiana H


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