More stories about our amazing tree from year 3 students in Room 18

The Library Tree

There is a colossal tree growing in our library.

It has all the Disney Picstar characters like

smurfs. It was built by Mr Walker, a very good

artist. Fendalton School is grateful to him. It

is made of papier mache! There is a snake holding

the tyre swing. I hope he does not eat the


by Conor


The Illusion Library Tree

The library tree is fantastic. There are fairies

and smurf houses. I see Harry Potter’s favourite

owl Hedwig. The library tree is like a dream. I

thought the spiderweb was real because the spiderweb

looks real to me. I saw a teddy bear reading a

book. I always see a spooky, haunted, scary witch

saying “Boo!” I see a real plant that Desna needs

to water.

by Maggie



The Big Tree

There is a humongous tree growing in our library.

There are snakes slithering, there are spiders

spying and seeking. There are smurfs that are

hiding from the witch. The bear has woken up and

is reading a book to the mice. He also reads a

book to the smurfs.

by Ryan

Thank you Room 18. And Maggie I will water the poor plant.


Year 3 Creative Writing on The Library Tree

Year 3 children have been working on creative writing inspired by the fantastic tree in the library.

Do enjoy reading their stories. There will be more soon. Scroll down to look at the photo in a previous post to see the wonderful tree.

The Legend Tree
Once upon a time there was a little library, it
lived on 168 Clyde Road Fendalton School.
Once, Room 16 went there. I saw a magic tree.
I asked kind old Desna what it was doing. She
said that “Once when she left the library a long
time ago she dropped a seed and during the night
it sprouted a little.”
When she came back the sun was as bright as
Mars…and this time Desna saw it sprout, and a
mushroom had sprouted as well.
The next thing she said was, “The frogs found a
pond next to the tree and started to jump all over
it.” I turned around to see the tree and all of
this was so magical.
Then I turned back to Desna and she kept on
telling the story. “The next day she started to
take care of it herself. She read it stories, and
gave it water and before she knew it was all grown
And now every night she works late in the library
to make sure the tree is safe. The end.”
When Desna was done everybody started to clap.
Sheena and the class said, “Thank you” and left.
by Kaitlyn

The Sparkle Glowing Tree
In the sparkle glowing tree at night the animals
come to life, the brown bear reads a book to the
fairies, and the fairies fly around him.
At night the snake slivers down from his tree and
sings a song to the sleepy, snoozing bear.
At night the witch went flying around the sparkle
glowing tree and tried to scare the little baby
spider to sleep.
by Jemma

The Library Tree
There is an amazing tree growing in our library. I
love the owl swinging swiftly, soundly upon the
tyre swing. The owl is purple and likes orange
The toadstools are lovely colours and spotty. The
fluttery, flying fairies like to sleep in them at
Lots of people like the big, brown, beautiful bear.
It loves to read books upon the tree trunk burrow.
All of the animals like to listen to the stories.
Witches that live in the library tree are grouchy,
and growny and of course they’re mean. I really
do hate the witch.
Some people come along to look at the tree but
when they look above them they scream because there
is a spider above them. That really scares me.
Our snakes always slither, slowly up the brown
by Millie