More stories about our amazing tree from year 3 students in Room 18

The Library Tree

There is a colossal tree growing in our library.

It has all the Disney Picstar characters like

smurfs. It was built by Mr Walker, a very good

artist. Fendalton School is grateful to him. It

is made of papier mache! There is a snake holding

the tyre swing. I hope he does not eat the


by Conor


The Illusion Library Tree

The library tree is fantastic. There are fairies

and smurf houses. I see Harry Potter’s favourite

owl Hedwig. The library tree is like a dream. I

thought the spiderweb was real because the spiderweb

looks real to me. I saw a teddy bear reading a

book. I always see a spooky, haunted, scary witch

saying “Boo!” I see a real plant that Desna needs

to water.

by Maggie



The Big Tree

There is a humongous tree growing in our library.

There are snakes slithering, there are spiders

spying and seeking. There are smurfs that are

hiding from the witch. The bear has woken up and

is reading a book to the mice. He also reads a

book to the smurfs.

by Ryan

Thank you Room 18. And Maggie I will water the poor plant.


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