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We have been exploring this new search engine kidrex which is great for doing research. Many of you are doing special topics so it is worth checking out as I know you will find something useful here. It has been checked as ‘kidsafe’ and that means it is a safe site to use. Remember however, that at any time you are on the Internet whether at school or at home, if you leave a page, sometimes you end up where you don’t want to be. Remember your digital safety rules and tell an adult and close the page immediately. I’ve added a few favourites as well.

Remember also that these links and heaps more can be found on the “Homework Page”. The link is at the top of this page.


National Geographic for kids

Christchurch City kidsblog

The Christchurch City Library kids blog¬† is great and has competitions all the time. One special competition is a chance to win a book on ‘Free book Friday’.

Do take a look anytime but especially Fridays if you want to try and win a book. During book week we had a special visit from Zac who read a number of books to the juniors and middle teams. Well, Zac manages this kids blog so you already know him.



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