Claudine At St Clares Book Reveiw by Emma

Claudine At St Clares is a book written by Enid Blyton who is one of my favourite authors. It is a book mainly about Claudine and the twins, Pat and Isabel who are in the fourth form. Claudine goes to St Clares, which is a boarding school, from France which makes her very good at sewing.

Her aunt, Mam’zelle, is the french teacher at St Clares, thinks that Claudine will be very lonely and shy at St Clares but Claudine is quite the opposite. She is very daring, she once locked the Matron in the games closet, with the lacrosse sticks and all that. She hates and detests water but she let herself fall in to soak and punish a mother who offended Mam’zelle and looked down at St Clares.

Claudine doesn’t care what she does really so she often gets in trouble. She loves doing sewing and getting out of games and usually the punishments are something to do with laundry and not getting to swim or play tennis.

When Claudine locks the Matron in the cupboard she gets out of games for a week! Pat and Isabel also have to help the other 3 new girls settle down.

Claudine At St Clares is quite an exciting book and I give it 10/10


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