Our library is ready for Christmas fun and sharing stories

I can’t believe how quick the year has gone, but it is now time to add some festive cheer to our library.  The Christmas books are waiting to be read. Santa’s letterbox is waiting for your letters. Come and watch the train circle around Santa and listen to him singing in his sleigh. There will be activities happening at lunch times with crafts and Christmas stories to share.






Annual year 6 Book club trip to Trengrove Kindergarten

I love this tradition we have here at Fendalton School where the year six book club students stroll down to our local kindergarten and share Christmas stories with the young children. Our students wear Christmas hats, read Christmas picture books and spend time playing with the children, many who end up coming here later.

Our students have spent morning tea times reading their stories to get them perfect.  A few of the students have siblings at the kindergarten which is just lovely. Our students also performed a variety of Maori songs and dance.

We will be having a shared lunch today to celebrate all the fun we have had in book club. We read challenging novels and often have some very deep discussions, which is just magic. A perfect way to finish up a book-filled year together.









Christmas tree in the library

Yes, it is almost that time of year when all sorts of wonderful things happen. To help get in to the festive season our lovely library tree has been decorated. Do come and have a look. It is also that time when all library books will need to come back for stock take so please look around home for any overdue books and stray journals or reading books you might still have.