Whale song

The longest whale song

By Jaqueline WIlson

Reviewed by Katie

Ella is a girl whose mum is in a deep coma after just having Samson. She has to stay with her hopeless stepfather as well as looking after her new half-brother Samson and worrying about her mum.

The only thing going right is Ella’s school project. It’s all about whales singing to each other. Maybe a whale song could reach mum, wherever she is and bring her back to Ella and Samson. Surely it’s worth a try isn’t it.









The Apothecary

The apothecary

By Maile Meloy

Janie and Benjamin are on the run.  There are secrets to unlock and people to save.

Can they do it in time?


The Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid

By Rick Riordan

This is book one in the Kane Chronicles. Great thrills with Egyptian gods and a race against time. Katie from Room 11 says “it is a really good book with lots of information about the Egyptian gods. It was really exciting and hard to put down.”


The throne of fire

The throne of fire

by Rick Riordan

If you loved Percy Jackson and his adventures then you are sure to enjoy this series too. Packed with thrills and adventure this is sure to please. “One curse. Two heroes. Five days to save the world.”

You can also check out the Kane Chronicles site


Welcome to the new look library blog

Welcome to the library blog. All your old favourites are here but under a new look. Check out some of the latest posts, especially the book trailers. It would be great if you and your friends could make a book trailer for the blog.

Remember you can always send in a book review and let everyone else know what you are reading.

I’m looking forward to reading the book of the trailer below.


The billionaire’s curse

This is the first book trailer for the year. The Billionaire’s Curse by Richard Newsome. Of course, we have the book in the library and from the trailer it looks like a good one to read. We also have the second book in the series.

What would you do if you inherited a billion dollars?

Why not make your own book trailer?

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