Celebrating Oliver Jeffers : one very cool illustrator & author

Welcome to term 2.

Starting off in the library this week we have a display on one of my own favourite authors and illustrators. I know he is a huge hit with many of the teachers and children too.


Oliver Jeffers is a  hugely popular author and illustrator of children’s books. His book How to catch a star celebrates ten years since publication.

On display we have a number of his books to look through. You can borrow these books next week. Use the library Ipad to click on the QR codes to watch some youtube clips of his books. Here is a little clip to get you started of Oliver Jeffers talking about his drawing techniques.












This moose belongs to me

This moose belongs to me

By Oliver Jeffers

Oliver Jeffers always writes and illustrates wonderful picture books. They are funny and also very thoughtful. Watch the trailer and maybe make a comment or come and tell me if I should buy this book for the library.  We have heaps of his books already in the library and I think this would be a great one to add but do come and tell me what you think.