By Kenneth Oppel

The tree never seemed so high. Dusk laboured up the trunk of the giant sequoia sinking his claws into the soft reddish bark. His father, Icron climbing beside him.

65 million years ago the dinosaurs are dying there is a animal that are early relations to bats called the chiropter Dusk is one of them. Dusk has always been fascinated by birds and he has always wanted to fly.His colony thinks this is wrong (as Dusk’s colony glides). One day he learns how to fly but this turns his world upsidedown. He is different to his colony as his colony only glides but he flies. But on the other island (the main island Dusk and his colony live on an island away from the mainland) the animals that the chiropters had a truce with suddenly changes sides into meateaters and the chiropters don’t know that they have changed sides. Dusk senses danger.

 I think Kenneth Oppel is the best author ever. It is a fascinating tale and you have to read it! I hope I get to read some more of Kenneth Oppels books about Bats! Remember to read Darkwing its a really great story.

These are some of Kenneth Oppels other books about bats, Silverwing, Sunwing, Firewing, Airborn and Skybreaker

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