The Guardians of Magic by Chris Riddell

Three children, three objects, three places that results in to a thrilling story of mysteries and magic. This story has made my imagination fly because of its characters creative thoughts. It’s the most mesmerising book I have ever read because it’s full of surprises. It has taken top place of my Chris Riddell list because it’s a different structure to his other books and I prefer this type of structure. As soon as I opened this book my eyes fell in love with it. You have to read this book.

        “ A magical story awaits your eyes”.

A book review by Hannah H (Year 4)


Springtime outside our school library

This is one of our favourite times of year when the cherry blossoms along our entrance path look spectacular. The weather is about to turn a bit nasty with wind and rain for the next few days, so just have to get in with a photo or two before the blossoms fall.


NZ Bookshop Day

If you are going to be buying something from Scorpio Books on Bookshop Day, please remember to mention our school name. Some fun activities to enjoy on the day.


NZ Chinese Language Week 2019

This week is New Zealand Chinese Language Week. If you click here, you can watch a message from our very own prime minister Jacinda Ardern as she wishes everyone the best for this special week

I hope you all enjoy this special week. Do check out our library display and see some of our wonderful Chinese and bilingual books. Picture books, chapter books and books about China too, all just waiting for you to read.


Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach

Come and see our latest library display. The 13th September marks Roald Dahl’s birthday and while he died in 1990, it marks 103 years since he was born. We love celebrating author and illustrator birthdays in the library. There are plenty of his books to get out. Very funny, sometimes a bit scary, but all incredibly popular.


New Zealand Poetry Day

We had lots of poets in the library today. Children shared their own poems, or favourites they had learned in class. I love how supportive the children are of each other, as it is not easy standing up in a crowd. This is an annual event and I continue to love how keen children are to read and write poetry. Many of our children have extension writing lessons and have had their own poems published in different formats. Check out some of the photos below. As a fun thing to do after our readings, children eat popcorn and are given a bookmark to take away. Always a fun day to celebrate New Zealand National Poetry Day.

Toitoi magazine

Otago Daily Times Extra Magazine

NZ Poetry Box

Reading from Toitoi

Author James Russell has the whole school laughing.

Yesterday we were so lucky to have author James Russell visit us at school. He spoke to the year one to three children first and they loved him. Many children in fits of giggles over his story telling. He read, or rather recited, his picture books and told funny jokes. James shared images on a screen from his Dragon Hunters picture books.

Next were the year four to six children who were equally entertained and also in fits of giggles, even when he told gory stories with lots of blood, pain and a hospital visit. His Dragon Defenders books are perfect for this age group. Great for readers who love a good story, a bit of fantasy, and a quest or two.

The highlight for most children was seeing his books come to life with the aid of an App (AR Reads) which can be used on his books. Dragons appear out of nowhere as well as volcanic eruptions and clouds floating by. Augmented reality is an amazing feature and hooks readers in, no matter what age. Teachers were just as enthralled and entertained. It is no wonder he in is the Whitcoulls Top 50 kids books. In fact he has two books on this list and his book at number ten, makes him the first New Zealander on that list. This is a wonderful achievement, so congratulations James.

If you want to know more about James and his books you can check out his website right here.

James in front of our Fantsy display in the library.


Our wall of stories and maps is growing.

Great to see so many stories and maps coming through the library doors. We will display these on the wall. Come and read the stories and check out the maps. You still have plenty of time to enter.

Lots of prizes to give out.


World of Fantasy

Over the next month we have three cool competitions with some great book prizes.

You can draw your own Fantasy Island and create your own magical world. You might want to write your own fantasy story. Maybe there are dragons in your world. Maybe there are trolls and monsters. There are lots of magical items on display which might have been enchanted. Maybe there is something hidden inside some of them and opening it up might release something wicked, or free something that has been trapped for years. Give your characters good names, maybe you could make them up. Use your imagination, it’s all yours.

The third competition is to match the maps with the books. Lots of books have maps and they are very cool with some exciting names and plenty of adventure.

Next week we have author James Russell coming to school. His Dragon defenders books definitely feature dragons. Come and have a look at his books in the library, check out the display and see if you can come up with a story or map of your own. Make sure you use lots of detail on your map.


Lunch time activities on a cold winter day.

When it’s cold outside, the library is always a warm and fun place to be. The smiles on these children’s faces shows the enjoyment they had putting together a monster puzzle. Other children were reading, drawing, playing card games and others were just hanging out and chatting with each other. So rather than be out in the cold, pop in and have some fun in a nice relaxing, warm place.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar 50th birthday celebration

Today the year one children celebrated the Very Hungry Caterpillar’s 50th birthday. A little late because we are always so busy here at school but we couldn’t let such an important birthday go by without doing something special ourselves.

We began with the story of Very Hungry Caterpillar which is such a favourite with everyone. Afterwards, there was lots of things to make; like butterfly and caterpillar cards, bookmarks, pom pom caterpillars, activity sheets to follow and play with and so much more. We love Mrs Brown’s birthday quilt, especially as it has fabric with pictures by Eric Carle who is the writer and illustrator of the Very Hungry Caterpillar book. Did you know the author has just had his own big birthday celebration as he just turned 90 years old. That is a lot of celebrating to do.

Mrs Brown’s most beautiful birthday quilt.

You can’t have a birthday without a present so we now have a beautiful new 50th birthday special edition of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

And of course it isn’t a party unless there is cake. Huge thanks to Holly and her boys for the decorating.

A big thank you to all the year one teachers and our wonderful children. We had almost 80 children happily engaged with the activities. A big thank you to Holly and her boys for the lovely, and yummy cake. And a massive thank you to Mrs Brown for all her hard mahi and support on this very special occasion.


Book reviews

We have some year six book club students sharing their reviews of books they have enjoyed reading in book club.

If you think you might enjoy these too, then come to the library for some holiday reading.

I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai

The book I am Malala is an inspiration to girls and women all over the world. She is a hero, standing up for your rights, learning and loving is the one and only way to achieve a goal. This book explains Malala’s story – how she was once a normal girl reading her nobel Quran, going to school and shopping at the bazaar. One day a Taliban soldier shot her and her friend. Miraculously Malala survived. She earned two prizes speaking at the UN and telling her story. This is all a miracle.

I loved this book. It wanted me to read its words. Malala Yousafza is my hero and will always be in the future.


Lord of the Rings

By J. R. r. Tolkien
I think the book was very emotional . A lot of the people in the book had great characteristics. I would recommend the book for people if you are looking for an emotional, or action or adventure, or even fantasy read. I very much enjoyed it because of the suspense and it made me feel in the moment.
I would rate it 4.9
0.1 was bad because I wanted it to go longer.

By Corby

My New Zealand Story

Canterbury Earthquake   2010-2011

By Desna Wallace

The story of the Canterbury Earthquake 2010-2011 is a very marvelous diary. The book is sad because of  the earthquakes in 2010-2011. It was an humongous earthquake. The book is amazing because you get to learn about some of the history in 2010-2011 and the history of Canterbury, New Zealand.

Namasvi P

            Hapless hero Henrie By P James

Have you ever wondered how much trouble you will be in when you’re a girl but you were supposed to be a boy. You have broken the family tradition! But it’s not just a family tradition, Melchiors have only been birthing boys for 200 years! Alone at home a mysterious postcard says that they will tell more about her parents! Ellie said that whatever happens if it is not an emergency to NOT leave the house! Should she disobey Ellie? What happened to her parents? What will happen?…



A big thank you to our wonderful PTA

We are finally up and running again with our library blog after a number of technical issues.

We begin with a huge thank you to our amazing PTA team who work so hard at fundraising. Without the PTA we would not have new library books. They secured us a grant from CERT to buy a Scholastic Standing Order subscription which gives us many newly published books to add to our library.

Students with some of the books donated from the very kind and generous people at CERT

As well as securing a grant for library books the PTA have kindly donated money for the purchase of some New Zealand wildlife hand puppets and finger puppets. We have a kiwi, kokako, tuatara, kea, morepork and a penguin hand puppet and a number of smaller finger puppets. Puppets have so many benefits. Imagination, oral language, creative thinking, not forgetting of course, all the fun and laughter. These puppets will live in the library but teachers will also use them with books so the whole school will benefit from the PTA’s generosity. I have been watching the children play with the puppets and their imagination is wonderfully exciting. Watching quiet children suddenly taking on the persona of a native bird is magical. There are plenty of library books to read about these birds to make the experience even more fun.

So A huge thank you to everyone in the PTA and to all the families who participate in the different events like; sausage sizzle, Quiz Nights, buying spring bulbs and so many other events. It means so much to our children and helps them in so many ways.


Our library is ready for Christmas fun and sharing stories

I can’t believe how quick the year has gone, but it is now time to add some festive cheer to our library.  The Christmas books are waiting to be read. Santa’s letterbox is waiting for your letters. Come and watch the train circle around Santa and listen to him singing in his sleigh. There will be activities happening at lunch times with crafts and Christmas stories to share.






Annual year 6 Book club trip to Trengrove Kindergarten

I love this tradition we have here at Fendalton School where the year six book club students stroll down to our local kindergarten and share Christmas stories with the young children. Our students wear Christmas hats, read Christmas picture books and spend time playing with the children, many who end up coming here later.

Our students have spent morning tea times reading their stories to get them perfect.  A few of the students have siblings at the kindergarten which is just lovely. Our students also performed a variety of Maori songs and dance.

We will be having a shared lunch today to celebrate all the fun we have had in book club. We read challenging novels and often have some very deep discussions, which is just magic. A perfect way to finish up a book-filled year together.









Our PTA is awesome. Check out what they have been up to this year.

This is an amazing result after a year of hard work. Fundraising, which is essential to the survival of any school, is dependent on the time-generosity, persistence and perseverance of a formidable team of parents. A huge thank you to each and everyone of you for everything. Without your dedication we would not have these wonderful new resources. A salute to you all.


Friday afternoon in the library

What a lovely relaxed way to spend a Friday afternoon. Room 11 were engrossed when their teacher Laura read them the picture book A booming in the night by Ben Brown and beautifully illustrated by Helen Taylor.

The children enjoyed the story and Laura then shared with them all about how endangered the kakapo bird is and how we can try and help. What a perfect way to finish the week.

If you want to know more about the kakapo and hear the booming for yourself then just click here.  Sadly there are only about 150 kakapo left in the world so reading about them helps us remember how special they are and remind us to find ways to help them.


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